More News and More Waiting…

Daddy had an encouraging yet also sobering appointment today.  The PA Daddy met with presented another possibility outside of transplanting which would be a left ventricular assist system. This device might be a “bridge to transplant” for Dad or it might be beneficial enough to be a long term solution. Hearing that the LVAS could be an option was encouraging because if for some reason Daddy isn’t a good transplant candidate, this may help him to have better quality and longer life. While it is a more complicated surgery than a transplant, it doesn’t carry the rejection or other transplant risks.

The sobering news is that Daddy is really sick. Because his medication (Primecore) is relieving his symptoms, he feels better than he has in a while. He can climb stairs and isn’t as breathless as he was before his January evaluation.  Hearing phrases like “bridge to transplant” and “you may reach 1A status” is hard to hear. He also was informed that his platelets are low and his calcium is high. He’ll need surgery on his parathyroid either before getting a transplant or after. The endocrinologist doesn’t know in what order the cardiologist will want to go about taking care of this.

So now we are back to waiting. This time, however, we have been told that his case will be reviewed this coming Monday. We are very, very thankful for that! We will have waited 7 weeks for his case to be discussed on the heart transplant panel. Shannon, the PA, did tell Dad that while his case will be reviewed, it’s possible he’ll still need more tests (possibly on the platelets?). The team will devise a plan. We don’t know if that will mean parathyroid surgery before being listed, the possibility of LVAD surgery instead of transplanting, or being listed for transplant. We’ll just wait and see…

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8 Responses to “More News and More Waiting…”

  1. Karen Haury Says:

    It was so good to see you today! Thank you for the update on your dad. We will continue to pray. I have read encouraging things about the LVAS if he ends up going that route. Whichever route he ends up on, I am so thankful that God is in control!

    Love you,

  2. Meredith and William Calcote Says:

    Thank you so much for making the web site!! We have missed the updates lately. William and I both pray for Brother Byron daily as he means so much to both of us. He believed in our marriage when a lot of people didn’t…Thank you Lord for encouraging Godly people!! Tell him William and I love him very much and thanks again for the site!! We love you guys and take care!!

  3. Mary Vance Berlin Says:

    Thanks so much for the update; we continue to pray for you all…

  4. Linda Marsh Says:

    Thanks, Tina. I really appreciate your keeping me updated. Tell your Daddy that I’m still praying for him. Love, Linda

  5. Catherine Mikkola Says:

    I’m not even sure how to pray – I’ll just lift him up regarding this new decision and ask our Heavenly Father to make the best path open up for your dad.


  6. AngelaW Says:

    I really hope he’s able to get that device. I just watched the video on it, and it seems like such a wonderful invention for this situation! Praise the Lord for His guiding these scientists and doctors to make this! We are still praying for him and you all.


  7. Alison Moretz Says:

    I’m so glad that you started this blog. We will continue to pray for your dad and your family. Love, Alison

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