Daniel and me about a month ago. All that snow is still around - and then some!

My little mountain town has set records for snow fall this year. I do not think I’ve seen the ground since before Christmas! It’s so cold outside! On top of the foot of snow from last week, there is another 10″! The public schools have missed over half of the scheduled school days since Christmas break. I have neighbors asking about tuition costs for the Jobe Academy!

I am from Georgia. Growing up, I did not own a winter coat – only winter weight T-shirts. Once, when living in Atlanta, I remember playing outside with plastic bags fastened with rubber bands around my wrists for makeshift mittens. Even though I now own appropriate play clothes for cold weather, this Georgia girl doesn’t “do” two months of snow too well.

However, I am thankful. The snow is beautiful. I’m reminded every time I look outside of God’s promise that He cleanses me and makes me “whiter than snow.” It hurts my eyes to look out my window because everything is so bright. My sin is so dark and ugly. That the Lord takes such darkness and transforms it into something as beautiful as my snow-covered yard fills me with thanksgiving.

Also, while my children are weary of cancellations, I consider them a blessing. I have been given many days that would have been spent running around town to classes and lessons to stay home and enjoy my precious family. I truly cherish this time with them. We are in a busy season of life. The afternoons are usually full of music and dance lessons. This winter things have moved at a slower pace. Time at home is a gift.

Spring will come. For now, I choose to enjoy the winter!

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