A Mindstorm Blessing

My son has been talking about Lego Mindstorms for quite a while and I have been ignoring him. I love Legos and think they are possibly the greatest invention for little boys ever… and I have invested in quite a few, but I just didn’t want to do the Mindstorm thing because they are extremely pricey.

When Nathan decides he would like to own something, he is persistent. Over the past few months, I’ve heard nearly daily one of the following questions/comments…

“Mom, how do you think I could earn money?”

“Do you think ebay might be a cheaper place to get some Mindstorms?”

“Mom, sometimes I wish I had harder stuff to build. Ya know… challenging stuff.”

“Mom, have you ever built a robot? I think that would be really cool.”

“Do you think that if I didn’t get anything else for both my birthday and Christmas and everyone went in together, I could get some Mindstorms?”

It became apparent that  ignoring my child and hoping his Mindstorm fixation would pass was a failing strategy. Finally Daniel and I told Nathan that he just would not be getting Mindstorm Legos. They weren’t in the budget. We didn’t ask him to pray about it because honestly, we didn’t really want to pursue finding them cheaper, saving for them or organizing a “let’s get Nathan Mindstorms for his birthday” campaign. Sometimes it’s ok to just say no.

Last week, Eric, a 16 year old great guy and friend of ours, e-mailed Daniel and asked if it would be ok if he gave Nathan his Mindstorm Lego set. Daniel spoke with Eric’s parents and was told that Eric felt led to give and they wanted to encourage that. They felt like it was a God thing. Humbly, we accepted this nice gift for our son.

Nathan is overwhelmed with appreciation. He is enjoying his new Legos and has spent about 8 hours today building a motorized car. I have never seen him so happy when his invention actually worked. He was stunned. “Mom, I just took an online tutorial and it’s so neat to actually HAVE all these cool pieces!”

“Nathan,” I asked my son, “Did you pray about getting those Legos?” His response was, “Yes, Mom. I prayed a lot and God answered my prayer.” With tears in his eyes he could hardly answer my question.

Now, I am overjoyed… and not because Nathan has a new toy. His life has been spiritually influenced by a young man who is sensitive to the Lord’s leading. Nathan wants to be a giver, like Eric. He also knows that God not only cares about our needs, but He also cares about some of our wants.

Next time maybe I’ll be a little braver when my child wants what seems unattainable and suggest, “Well, let’s just pray about that.” (even if it’s Legos!)

“It is more blessed to give than to receive.” Acts 20:35

Thank you, Lord for young men like Eric who are willing to listen to your gentle leading and bless others. You can use any and everything for your glory – even Legos! I thank you for providing Mindstorms for Nathan, and I thank you even more for the influence of Eric’s godly character in Nathan’s life.


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2 Responses to “A Mindstorm Blessing”

  1. AngelaW Says:

    Isn’t that wonderful when the Lord answers the children’s prayers? Sometimes I don’t pray about situations I should, only to find that one or both of the girls are praying about it, and God hears and answers them! Praise the Lord for that lesson!

  2. Tina Says:

    I agree, Angie!

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