LISTED! (Pending Insurance, That Is…)

Today Daddy met with Dr. Thomlison because over the weekend he had some breathing problems and  fluid retention. We were greeted by Dr. Thomlison asking, “So, has anyone told you that we discussed your case this morning in our transplant team meeting?” We assured him we were aware that his case would be discussed but had not heard the plan. Much to our (and especially Daddy’s relief), Dr. Thomlison informed us that the team approved him to be listed. As long as his insurance covers the procedure (and we are sure it will), Daddy will be put on the heart transplant list. Usually, this takes about 3 days so we are hopeful that by the weekend, it will be official.

We feel the news we heard today is the best news we could have heard. At Daddy’s last appointment, the LVAD was discussed as a possible option for a bridge to transplant or even instead of one. We were thrilled to know of another option, but didn’t feel in the long run this was the best one for him because he would still be in heart failure. Also, the LVAD would be a little cumbersome because he’d have to always have the battery pack with him and would always be “connected” with a tube. The LVAD is wonderful for those who have a long wait for transplant or for those who are not good candidates. However, transplantation truly gives Daddy a new lease on life.

I inquired about the high calcium levels, low platelet situation, and parathyroid issue. All of those things were discussed in the meeting this morning but none of them are contraindication for transplant surgery. Daddy was told it is most important that his heart is taken care of. Then those other issues can be tackled. We are prayerful that he will be able to wait for his heart at my house and not in the hospital. That way he can continue to experience the benefits of around the clock entertainment and good meals. Daddy is not a fan of boredom or hospital food.

Being a type A+ blood and a 1B status puts Daddy in an excellent position. There are no others on the list with his blood type which means as soon as a heart in western NC becomes available that is a good fit for Dad, he will be notified to make his way to Charlotte for surgery. The average wait time for this facility is 2 months. However, Dr. Thomlison indicated that most likely for Dad, the wait would be shorter. However, there is, of course, no way of determining this.

We are so thankful for a good appointment today. We’ve put this whole situation in God’s hands and we trust Him. If we were told today that Daddy wasn’t a good heart transplant candidate, we’d still be thankful for the Lord’s guidance. We wouldn’t want him to go through this if it weren’t in his best interest. However, we all admit that “listed” is the word we wanted to hear today. For us a new heart means hope for a longer and better quality life. Daddy went to bed thinking of all the sermons in his head that he wants to write and deliver. He wants to exercise and get stronger. We all thank the Lord that hopefully very soon, he’ll be able to do those things and more.

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4 Responses to “LISTED! (Pending Insurance, That Is…)”

  1. Linda Marsh Says:

    Thanks, Tina. This is indeed wonderful news! I so much appreciate your keeping me posted. Love, Linda

  2. Boo Jobe Says:

    Blessings on you and your household!! Thank you for keeping us posted. We are praying with all of you!!

  3. AngelaW Says:

    We are so excited for you all!!

  4. Karen Haury Says:

    Wow! What great news! Thank you for the update. God is so good!

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