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Day 59

Thursday, April 29th, 2010

59 days ago Daddy was put on the waiting list for a heart transplant.

Daddy "Pop" and Esther

We aren’t complaining. The average wait time for a heart at the Carolina Medical Center is 63 days. The average wait time nationally is a year. From the beginning, we have trusted God completely with the timing of Daddy’s heart transplant and we still do. It can be easy to be impatient. However, the reality of waiting on a heart is that someone else, who is giving  life through the gift of their heart, will die. The organ donor isn’t dying for Daddy. This person desires to bless another and give life.  However, there is no way I can pray for a death to happen expediently. We have to trust the Lord and know his timing is perfect.

While we aren’t complaining, Daddy’s health isn’t getting better. His visit with the heart surgeon, Dr. Tomley, was a little discouraging today. He’s gained about 10 lbs of fluid so Dr. Tomley doubled Daddy’s diuretic to try to drain the fluid. His medications are not as effective as they once were. Daddy has an appointment in about three weeks and the doctor indicated that it’s likely he’ll discuss putting in a heart pump if a heart (for transplant) has not come available by then. The concern is that Daddy’s health is declining too much as he waits and a heart pump would hopefully serve as a “bridge” until one becomes available.

We have mixed feelings about the heart pump. If it’s what Daddy needs, we are all for it. However, as a “bridge to transplant, ” having the heart pump procedure means he will have two open heart surgeries. Daddy will need to be taken off the transplant list for a couple of months while he recovers from the first surgery. That’s a lot to endure and his total wait time for getting a heart will be longer. It is possible that while he recovers from the heart pump procedure, he’ll be able to return to Georgia. The doctor said that would depend on several factors and he was noncommittal about what Dad would/wouldn’t be able to do as he recovers. While we want the heart pump if it will truly help Daddy live comfortably and in optimal health, we’d rather him only have one major surgery, the heart transplant, if he can receive it in the next few weeks.

Again we are faced with the need to trust in the Lord’s sovereignty. Daddy wants the call that a heart is available for him soon. We all want that. Yet we also want was is best for him. We know God’s timing is perfect. We will keep waiting.

Thank you all for your prayers and encouragement. Even though Mom and Dad are surrounded by lots of activity in our busy household of 8, the days are a little long for them right now. It’s hard to be away from home waiting for a phone call. They miss their normal life, friends, church and Georgia family. We are so very thankful for all of you who pray for them and encourage them with facebook notes, calls, cards and even cookies 🙂 It really means so much to know that Mom and Dad (and all our family) are being lifted up during this time.

Please keep praying and I will keep you all posted after his next appointment or that long-awaited phone call… whatever comes first.

For Christina, On Her 13th Birthday

Monday, April 26th, 2010

A single crayon and a sheet of paper

And for hours you’d sit still

Coloring itty, bitty squiggles

Delighted with your skill.

You drew this masterpiece in one sitting at 2 years and 2 1/2 months old.

“You realize, Tina, that’s not normal…”

My friends told me it wasn’t fair

That I was blessed with a toddler

Who’d sit for hours in her chair!

By the age of 2 1/2, you drew people and animals well and spent hours daily developing those fine motor skills!

Coloring was entertaining

Yet not your only type of play

Anything involving animals

To you was A-OK!

You'd tie puppies on ribbon leashes and ask them to stay while you went potty!

You had a jaq-“WIRE “family

I remember them quite clearly…

Mommy, Daddy and, of course, Marc and Chelesa-

The Jaq-“WIRE” twins you loved so dearly.

You asleep on the couch with one member of the jaquar (you said "jag-wire") family.

Were those feline twins

A foreshadowing of what was to be?

Like real live twins arriving

Right before you’d turn 3?

I look happy and I am... but I'm scared to leave the hospital. Mothering 4 under 4 is easier with nurses around!

God knew I needed one child

Artistic and creative

Who’d entertain herself

And even help out the natives!

Yes, and as you grew, you became

The “go to” gal for fun!

Your creativity was contagious

And blessed the Jobelettes –  Each One!

You choreographed a dance for you and Sarah for the '09 church talent show. You made the aprons for the costumes.

At 4, you enjoyed stories

And pretended you could read.

You’d recite our story- books verbatim

I assumed from memory…

Reading to Sarah, '03

Until you surprised me at the dentist

By picking up a book you’d never seen.

You read it perfectly aloud-

From Anna’s phonics lessons you had gleaned!

Reading with Daddy - a nightly ritual for many years

That was only the beginning…

I never cease to be amazed

That when you set your mind to learning

You are successful – Always!

A cupcake hat you made for Esther when you were 11.

Knitting, sewing, decorating

Painting, dancing, baking,

Choreography and organizing

Music and cake-making!

One of your many beautiful cakes!

You speak canine quite fluently

So much so that –

When you bark dogs far and wide

Chime in and try to chat!

You and Tanner, the luckiest dog ever!

You once wrote to me an essay

Of the persuasive kind

To buy for you a hamster

And it indeed DID change my mind!

You and Titus the Hamster... your reward for a paper well written. You took excellent care of him!

Captivating, creative, expressive,

On stage you’ve quite a voice

A Wiggles or Barney dancer

Could be your profession of choice!

Though more likely, and I pray

That as you grow you will become

A godly wife and mother

Like the famous Proverbs 31.

Daddy presents Christina with her locket. He keeps the key until that special day...

You are worth far more than rubies

You’re diligent, virtuous and kind.

A daughter such as you

Is certainly a rare find!

We're so thankful for our precious teen daughter!

Now you are teen!

May the Lord always be your guide.

He loves you and desires for you

To grow and in Him abide.

I love you sweet, Christina.

Happy Birthday Dear!

May the Lord bless you

Throughout this and every year!

You and me the night of your Blessing Party. I love you so much and I'm so proud of the young woman you are becoming!

Celebrate Boo!

Tuesday, April 13th, 2010

We had a party last week… a BIG one! Boo (Daniel’s mother) turned 70. Fun was had by all. Memories were shared, songs sung, poems read. The girls and I made two HUGE cakes for the 42 guests in attendance. It was a GREAT party.. one we’ll all remember for a long time!

I didn’t realize when I married into the Jobe family that one must have poetry or song-writing skills to attend family birthdays. No one told me. It may have scared me away. However, I’ve acclimated and now know the routine. Big birthdays require an admission ticket… a song, poem, memory shared, skit or interpretive dance. There have not been many takers over the age of 5 on the dancing. Poems and songs about the guest of honor, on the other hand, are wildly popular and definitely an expectation. Boo’s 70th delivered… maybe with some of the most creative limericks and lyrics yet!

Anna and Mary have inherited the song-writing gene. While the adults were away at a luncheon with Boo (in which she received a distinguished alumni award from her college), these two gals humorously changed the words of “Two Is Better Than One” by Boys Like Girls to “Boo Is Better Than You!” This became the catch phrase of the evening as it was truly hilarious.

Bethany presented Boo with a framed Monet style painting she made in art class. She may have just added a new “party ticket” option. However, since I can’t paint, it won’t help me any!

Several friends read poems. Jean Hattle, Boo’s lifelong friend, read a very funny poem about their growing up together. I remember the last line was something like, “Every girl should have a friend like Boo.” Julie put in verse her memories of living close to her Aunt Boo in her early years of motherhood. We laughed at her subtle mentioning of her superior Boggle-playing skills. Mary Goforth read a letter to Boo. After the poetry reading, we sang the song Hadley sent, “Boo’s A Senior At Last.”

Boo’s boys definitely outdid themselves with “Life Begins At 70” sung to the tune of “I’ve Could’ve Danced All Night” from My Fair Lady. Stephen wrote the lyrics and sang, Daniel also sung, and Paul accompanied them with his sax. This was HARD, but so funny!

I’m glad no one told me about these parties 18 years ago. Writing songs and poems for birthday events would have been intimidating! However,  I am SO THANKFUL to be a part of this tradition. It provides a precious means of blessing the guest of honor. Our children have grown up with these poetry/song/ blessing parties. Excitedly, they want to participate. For weeks before the party, the birthday guest is thought of   – in rhyme or song and in our prayers as we ponder how we can express our appreciation thoughtfully and creatively. Instead of just visiting at the party, there is a “show!” We “build our loved one up” and everyone who listens benefits. (Ephesians 4:29) Memories are made.. and then read over and over and over.

I Thessalonians 5:11Encourage one another and build each other up.”

Happy Birthday, Boo! Boo is better than you! Every gal should have one! … And life begins at 70!


Saturday, April 3rd, 2010


They’ve been in our home since ’95. We did have a 2 1/2 year break from diapers between Sarah being trained and Esther being born. However, since we diapered twins, I’m not counting it. (Don’t try to figure that out mathematically… I make up my own formulas.) So… Esther is ecstatic to announce that the Jobes are diaper free!!!!!

This whole potty-training thing was her idea. We went to a party last Sunday night and Esther played with a little friend who showed her the routine: put on potty seat, go pee-pee, wipe, flush, pull up pants, take off seat, close lid, stand on potty, and lean over to wash hands (their sink was right beside the potty.) This little girl then offered her seat to Esther to take home and “try out.” Esther was thrilled! The whole way home she talked about her new potty seat and wearing big girl panties like her friend.

Guess who got to stop by Wal-Mart on the way home to pick out new panties and jelly bean potty treats?

Guess who really didn’t have potty-training on the calendar for this week?

My plan was to wait until summer because my girls aren’t as busy then. They can help now but if I waited they could do it for me!  Also, my dad is waiting for a heart transplant. Potty training can take a while and I could be called away. Plus, I just don’t really like potty training. The novelty of it has plain worn off.

Esther, however, decided that this was the week so Monday we began official potty training. Today is Friday and she has only had two accidents since Tuesday morning. I have not reminded her to go at all today. Rather, she has reminded me!

YEAH for Esther!

Thank you, Lord, for inspiring this child through her friend!

Of all six children, she trained the easiest. This job wasn’t on my calendar this week, but now I am so thankful it is behind me!