They’ve been in our home since ’95. We did have a 2 1/2 year break from diapers between Sarah being trained and Esther being born. However, since we diapered twins, I’m not counting it. (Don’t try to figure that out mathematically… I make up my own formulas.) So… Esther is ecstatic to announce that the Jobes are diaper free!!!!!

This whole potty-training thing was her idea. We went to a party last Sunday night and Esther played with a little friend who showed her the routine: put on potty seat, go pee-pee, wipe, flush, pull up pants, take off seat, close lid, stand on potty, and lean over to wash hands (their sink was right beside the potty.) This little girl then offered her seat to Esther to take home and “try out.” Esther was thrilled! The whole way home she talked about her new potty seat and wearing big girl panties like her friend.

Guess who got to stop by Wal-Mart on the way home to pick out new panties and jelly bean potty treats?

Guess who really didn’t have potty-training on the calendar for this week?

My plan was to wait until summer because my girls aren’t as busy then. They can help now but if I waited they could do it for me!  Also, my dad is waiting for a heart transplant. Potty training can take a while and I could be called away. Plus, I just don’t really like potty training. The novelty of it has plain worn off.

Esther, however, decided that this was the week so Monday we began official potty training. Today is Friday and she has only had two accidents since Tuesday morning. I have not reminded her to go at all today. Rather, she has reminded me!

YEAH for Esther!

Thank you, Lord, for inspiring this child through her friend!

Of all six children, she trained the easiest. This job wasn’t on my calendar this week, but now I am so thankful it is behind me!

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