Mother’s Day – Every Day

I’ll admit that when my children were all young, I really wanted a break on Mother’s Day. It just didn’t happen. I don’t like to eat out on this special day. The lines are long. After church, my brood of 4 under 4 or 5 under 7 couldn’t handle the wait. Eating out was more trouble than it was worth back then. My husband doesn’t cook. I can remember one particular Mother’s Day when I cooked and even made myself a cake, because that was what the children wanted to make my day special. While I’m sure Daniel did the dishes so I could rest,  I was whiney. “Can’t I have just one day when I don’t have to do all this work?!?” I thought. Back then, even on Mother’s Day, the children would argue, I had messes to clean and felt there was no rest for the weary. How I wished I could have had a glimpse into the future…

This Mother’s Day,  I woke up to a special Sunday morning breakfast of orange juice and muffins. I didn’t set the table. I didn’t make the muffins. It was delicious. (And I even got the Special plate!)

This red plate says "You Are Special Today."

For lunch, we had steaks that my husband thawed (that’s important… I didn’t have to “think” about preparing them!) and grilled.

Bethany made a strawberry cake all by herself!

My favorite!

A sweet sign hung on the door.

I received thoughtful cards and a “Coupon Queen” coupon organizer. Christina talked all week about how much I’d love this gift. She was right! I do love it, but I love the fact that she picked it out and anticipated the joy of giving it to me maybe even more. I must say “gifts” are one of my love languages. I don’t like people spending money on me. However, if I’m given a sweet card or candy, flowers, or even a coupon envelope, I do feel loved!

Cards and my "Coupon Queen" organize

The children cleaned up the kitchen.

The children didn’t argue. (If “peace and quiet” were one of the love language, it would #1 to me!).

Then when Daddy called and said this Mother’s Day would be the day he’d receive his new heart, I cried. I was so thankful, yet very scared for him. I was nervous and lost my appetite. Daniel prayed and the children consoled me by sending me off to Charlotte with lots of hugs and prayers.

My children are growing up. They are acquiring skills and learning how to bless others. My Mother’s Day was precious. Of course, my dad receiving his heart and doing well through surgery made this Mother’s Day a day I’ll never forget. Yet I also won’t forget how my children worked hard to encourage me.

I’m so thankful for each of my six children. I wish I could go back ten years ago and just smile through making my own cake. It was then that they were learning how to one day make one for me! I was tired. Having lots of little ones can be exhausting! Back then, a nap was all I really wanted for Mother’s Day. My perspective has changed quite a bit over the years.  I consider every day a Mother’s Day.  No, every day isn’t perfect. Some days I solve one conflict after another, the house is a huge mess and I don’t know what’s for supper. The children, however, are maturing and I am seeing good fruit. I know that my attitude is something they are watching. They are learning and I am learning through this journey of mothering. It is privilege. I am blessed.

Loved this!

“Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.” Galations 6:9

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4 Responses to “Mother’s Day – Every Day”

  1. Sherri Knox Says:

    Tina: I have so enjoyed your FB page and all that you share….I just want you to know….it’s not just a social network for you…what a ministery you have. You are such a woman of of the Most High God. Just wanted you to know, you are touching lives, mine included!

  2. Catherine Mikkola Says:

    How sweet! I’m glad you had such a blessed Mother’s Day!!

  3. Tina Says:

    Thank you, Sherri and Catherine! Sherri, your comment blesses me so much. That is my desire – to glorify God! Bless you!

  4. Boo Jobe Says:

    It was great!!

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