Update On Daddy

Daddy is in the ICU at the Carolina Medical Center. While that sounds a little scary, it is mostly a precautionary measure. He needs to watched as his medications are adjusted.

Last weekend, he was maintaining fluid and his doctors changed his diuretic in hopes that his weight would come down. Over the course of several days, his weight not only increased but he began feeling more fatigued than normal so his doctor wanted him to be admitted to the hospital.

A catheterization was done on Thursday to determine his heart function. The test showed that he isn’t doing quite as well as he was in January when he was going through the transplant evaluations. His doctors expected his numbers to be up because the primecore medication he is on is suppose to increase the pumping efficiency of his heart. It was determined that his primecore needed to be increased. Because this medicine can cause a drop in blood pressure and can cause dangerous arrhythmias, he was put in ICU where he will be monitored closely.

Patients in ICU on the transplant list are a 1A status. Daddy has been a 1B. This means that as long as he is in ICU, his chances of receiving a heart are greater. He was told not to expect a type O heart while a 1B status. It’s possible that being a 1A could open up the possibility of not only a type A but also an O heart. It also means he may have a greater chance of receiving a heart from another geographical region than western NC. Dr. Frank mentioned to my sister that leaving Daddy in ICU over the weekend is a favorable¬† place for him to be. Of course the doctors have no control when a heart for him will be available. I am, however, “on alert” a little more than I have been while he is being monitored in ICU.

My sister is staying with my mom in Charlotte. Her in-laws are at her house in Georgia. My in-laws are here this weekend for a visit. Yes, this weekend would be very convenient time for the transplant with help in place for both Amy and me and my parents right where they need to be. However, I continue to pray for peace as we wait, all involved and the Lord’s perfect timing for this procedure.

I do not know what the plan for Dad will be after his medications are adjusted. Dr. Frank does not want to do a heart pump. He’d like to wait for a heart. However, Dr. Frank has told us that Daddy’s kidneys are stressed. His heart is weakening. The pump is still a possibility if his health declines as he waits. It’s possible Dad will come home early next week and continue to wait for that phone call. Of course, it’s also possible he’ll receive word that a heart has come available before he’s released.

Thank you all for your prayers!

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3 Responses to “Update On Daddy”

  1. Meredith and William Calcote Says:

    We love you so much Brother Byron and Miss Patricia!! You are in our prayers..Amy and Tina we love you guys too..Keep us updated…We are keeping eyes and ears open..May the Lord give you all strength and endurance…I know everyone is ready for this transplant to take place!! xoxo

  2. Judi Bryant Says:

    Keeping you, your Dad, Family and Medical Staff in our Prayers. We KNOW how much those transplants mean and will anxiously await your reports! Even though it is bitter/sweet, I pray a heart will be available for him before his condition deteriorates any further! Blessings to You and Your Mom on Mother’s Day!

  3. Tina Says:

    Thank you so much, Meredith and Judi!

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