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Baptized on Father’s Day!

Sunday, June 20th, 2010

Today is a Father’s Day we’ll always remember because this morning Daniel and I were both baptized.

Both of us were baptized (as infants) by believing parents but have never been baptized as believers. I grew up in the United Methodist Church and Daniel in a Presbyterian church –  churches that both adhere to a paedobaptism or infant baptism tradition. For 15 years now, we’ve been members of Alliance Bible Fellowship (a Christian and Missionary Alliance church) and our church teaches credobaptism, or believer’s baptism. When our pastor, Scott Andrews, first began preaching about the need to be baptized as believers, neither Daniel nor I felt it was necessary. We were raised by Christian parents who made a covenant with God to raise us in a way in which we’d have every opportunity to come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. We are so thankful for our heritage. Both of us came to know the Lord as children.

Over the past three years, the Lord has been prompting me to be baptized. I know theologians have debated infant baptism vs. believer’s baptism for centuries… and I don’t desire to do that. I just know that for several years there has been a stirring in my heart at our church’s baptisms. I’ve almost been jealous of those blessed to remember the special day that they professed their belief in Christ and were declared “dead to sin and alive in Christ.” My mother-in-law visited the Holy Land several years ago and told me of a special ceremony at the Jordan River in which she was told to, “Remember the day of your baptism.” (She has also been baptized as a believer.) When she shared of that time of reflection, I remember thinking, “I would have just jumped in and asked someone to please baptize me right there!” Shortly after her sharing this, our pastor preached about the need to be baptized as believers. Close to 40 members of our church were baptized after his sermon! While I wanted to be one of them, I also wanted to talk with Daniel and I had a baby that needed to leave the service to be fed. This was about two years ago and the Lord has continued to speak to me about this. Last Sunday, Pastor Scott once again spoke on the topic… and I knew it was time.

God’s timing is perfect. The Lord also had been prompting Daniel. One quality I admire so much about my husband is his obedience to the Holy Spirit. When God speaks, he listens… be it (among other things) quitting his job to go to seminary, giving something away, praying for others, making encouraging phone calls, serving in ministry or lending a helping hand. Daniel also is a “studier” which is another quality I so admire. Over the past two years, he has read and researched the differing views of baptism. One article he found helpful was this post by John Piper which discusses baptism and church membership. After church last Sunday, Daniel and I discussed this article and the stirring we both had to be baptized. While we appreciated the views of Piper, Grudem, and our own pastor, we both felt that the stirring was coming from the Holy Spirit… and we needed to be obedient.

It’s been a joy to share with our children, who have been baptized as believers, the reason we chose to do this today. It’s a matter of obedience… not salvation. We’ve been believers for a long time. We desire to be teachable and we are still learning.

We both agree that while we know we were believers before, today is indeed special. We will always remember today… the day of our baptism. We feel clean. We are dead to sin and alive in Christ and as believers have professed our faith. Praise God!

We celebrated after church with a baptismal/Father's Day feast... steak, mashed potatoes, salad and a delicious Italian cream cake. Happy Father's Day, Daniel!

Dancing Sisters

Wednesday, June 9th, 2010

My girls love to dance and I love to watch them dance. They enjoy tap and clogging, but ballet is their favorite. It is so beautiful and graceful. For my girls, it also is a shared experience. They do  hair and make-up for one another and “ooh and aah” over the beautiful costumes. They practice together and encourage one another. I know that when they are grown and their tutus are put away, they will always remember the joy of dancing together. This year was the first year that all four of my big girls (Esther isn’t quite old enough!) participated in their dance studio’s spring recital, The Enchanted Garden. It was beautiful! They were lovely and I was so proud! I had a daughter in nearly every group which made each scene a moment my mommy heart just soared! Christina, because she had leg surgery in December, was unable to dance most of the year. However, she was invited to participate in the recital with an acting role. This was truly a blessing. What a joy to see my daughter on stage – so graceful – when a year ago I feared she may not ever walk without a limp. God is so good! I am so thankful she was given this opportunity. She was even able to partner just a little and she played the role of a peasant who turned into a princess… every girl’s dream! This year was little Sarah’s first official year taking dance lessons. (Though her sisters have taught her for years!) We made the others wait until they were eight to begin, but when Sarah turned seven, she insisted that she just couldn’t wait any longer! My girls love the spring recital – a time when our family comes to see them all dance. They are radiant and I am one proud ballet mom!

Frozen Yogurt Treats – Yummy, Healthy and Cheap!

Wednesday, June 9th, 2010


I learned the first week of my marriage nearly 18 years ago that it is ok to be out of milk or bread. However, a freezer void of ice cream “crosses the line.” I have dutifully kept some kind of ice cream available ever since.

So… how does my husband stay so thin? The answer to that is in his portion size. He can literally eat one bite of ice cream and be satisfied. I, on the other hand, can seldom eat one bite of anything. I must either avoid the ice cream altogether or indulge in, most likely, more than the recommended half cup serving size. My children take after me. They love ice cream… and a good portion of it!

Lately, I have been trying some ice cream alternatives. None of us needs the sugar or the fat. While the children don’t have ice cream every day, they have it more often than they need it. Today, I threw together a yogurt treat and the children loved it. Even Daniel admitted that it makes a great ice cream substitute.

Frozen Yogurt Bars:

2 c.  plain yogurt (I used Dannon and used slightly less than this  – just what I had left in the container.)

2 cups slightly sweetened strawberries (I put these up myself. There is probably about 1 T sugar on the berries)

1 ripe banana

Honey to taste (I didn’t add any).

Put in blender and blend until smooth (about a minute.) Pour into molds. Freeze. This made 12 popsicles.

I am sure any type of yogurt and any type of fruit can be used. I may try vanilla yogurt with mandarin oranges next which was a suggestion my children made. I liked the plain because it has no sugar added. These pops were tangy and delicious and as my family said, “a definite do-over.” Because I picked my berries for $5/gallon and got the yogurt on

Sarah models our popsicle mold.

sale, they were very inexpensive. I’m thrilled that I can enjoy one without limiting myself to “just a bite.” I’m sure we’ll still eat ice cream, but hopefully not as frequently as we have been and who knows… Even Daniel may kick a life long habit!

These popsicles were made in a mold I bought from Marmee’s Kitchen. I have owned many and think this one is the best. You simply pour the yogurt into the molds, cover, and insert sticks. The popsicles look store bought… and taste better and cost much less! Enjoy!

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