Baptized on Father’s Day!

Today is a Father’s Day we’ll always remember because this morning Daniel and I were both baptized.

Both of us were baptized (as infants) by believing parents but have never been baptized as believers. I grew up in the United Methodist Church and Daniel in a Presbyterian church –  churches that both adhere to a paedobaptism or infant baptism tradition. For 15 years now, we’ve been members of Alliance Bible Fellowship (a Christian and Missionary Alliance church) and our church teaches credobaptism, or believer’s baptism. When our pastor, Scott Andrews, first began preaching about the need to be baptized as believers, neither Daniel nor I felt it was necessary. We were raised by Christian parents who made a covenant with God to raise us in a way in which we’d have every opportunity to come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. We are so thankful for our heritage. Both of us came to know the Lord as children.

Over the past three years, the Lord has been prompting me to be baptized. I know theologians have debated infant baptism vs. believer’s baptism for centuries… and I don’t desire to do that. I just know that for several years there has been a stirring in my heart at our church’s baptisms. I’ve almost been jealous of those blessed to remember the special day that they professed their belief in Christ and were declared “dead to sin and alive in Christ.” My mother-in-law visited the Holy Land several years ago and told me of a special ceremony at the Jordan River in which she was told to, “Remember the day of your baptism.” (She has also been baptized as a believer.) When she shared of that time of reflection, I remember thinking, “I would have just jumped in and asked someone to please baptize me right there!” Shortly after her sharing this, our pastor preached about the need to be baptized as believers. Close to 40 members of our church were baptized after his sermon! While I wanted to be one of them, I also wanted to talk with Daniel and I had a baby that needed to leave the service to be fed. This was about two years ago and the Lord has continued to speak to me about this. Last Sunday, Pastor Scott once again spoke on the topic… and I knew it was time.

God’s timing is perfect. The Lord also had been prompting Daniel. One quality I admire so much about my husband is his obedience to the Holy Spirit. When God speaks, he listens… be it (among other things) quitting his job to go to seminary, giving something away, praying for others, making encouraging phone calls, serving in ministry or lending a helping hand. Daniel also is a “studier” which is another quality I so admire. Over the past two years, he has read and researched the differing views of baptism. One article he found helpful was this post by John Piper which discusses baptism and church membership. After church last Sunday, Daniel and I discussed this article and the stirring we both had to be baptized. While we appreciated the views of Piper, Grudem, and our own pastor, we both felt that the stirring was coming from the Holy Spirit… and we needed to be obedient.

It’s been a joy to share with our children, who have been baptized as believers, the reason we chose to do this today. It’s a matter of obedience… not salvation. We’ve been believers for a long time. We desire to be teachable and we are still learning.

We both agree that while we know we were believers before, today is indeed special. We will always remember today… the day of our baptism. We feel clean. We are dead to sin and alive in Christ and as believers have professed our faith. Praise God!

We celebrated after church with a baptismal/Father's Day feast... steak, mashed potatoes, salad and a delicious Italian cream cake. Happy Father's Day, Daniel!

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3 Responses to “Baptized on Father’s Day!”

  1. AngelaW Says:

    What a happy and wonderful Father’s day gift- to honor our Heavenly Father with obedience! Praise the Lord for your hearts that listen to the Holy Spirit!

  2. Matthew Says:

    We rejoice with you in this expression of your faith and identification with Christ and his people! Thanks for sharing this.

  3. Tina Says:

    Thank you, Angie and Matthew!

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