I’m ending my day thankful.

It started terribly stressful.

Esther burned her hand on my cook top while I held her. It happened so fast. Crying for the next three hours, she found relief only with cool running water. Water in a cup or a baggie of ice gave no relief. Thus, I held her over the bathroom sink and prayed for the pain to stop. Her tears flowed like the water running from the faucet and once or twice mine did too. It hurt to see my little one suffer and I felt awful that I didn’t prevent the accident from happening in the first place. I put my huge to-do list aside and comforted my child to the best of my ability.

My friend and neighbor, who happens to be a nurse,  stopped by and recommended medication. Daniel called and  spoke with our pediatrician who called in some pain relief. Though it took a while to receive, it worked its magic within five minutes of application. My prayers were answered.

While I tended to Esther, my older children cleaned up the kitchen, folded laundry and picked up their rooms. I had no idea what they were doing while I stood for hours in the bathroom soothing her burn. I felt love when I realized my older children had been working behind the scenes. They chose to bless me.

When Esther’s tears stopped, I didn’t want to stop holding her so we cuddled and watched Tinkerbell and I cherished her smiles. After her morning of tears, they seemed all the sweeter.We were invited to a baptismal celebration of a dear friend this afternoon. I had no time to cut and prepare vegetables like I’d planned so I decided to stop on the way to the lake and buy a side dish at the store. And then I remembered the homemade canned applesauce in the basement. Delicious. Done! Trip to store avoided.

A child, my daughter’s dear friend, professed her faith in Christ. Her daddy baptized her. We, her friends and family, shared scripture, prayed and rejoiced. Later, as we celebrated with one another over dinner,  I watched little Esther, with her thumb bandaged, play with other little girls as if she had not a care in the world.

My oldest daughter befriended a sweet girl and helped her get to know the other teens. That made me smile.

Esther is darling and her finger is healing. My children attempted my chore list while I tended to her. Medication is a gift from the Lord as is the doctor who called in a prescription without requiring an office visit which only would have delayed relief for my child. I thank the Lord for sending my friend over to encourage me to call the doctor. I’m thankful for applesauce, the perfect ready-to-go side dish. My friend’s daughter was baptized tonight!  What a celebration! What joy to spend time with other dear families! I’m thankful that my teens have such good friends and that they are maturing and learning to exercise their spiritual gifts.

I didn’t grade papers, vacuum or mop, go to the store or plan next week’s lessons. Those were my plans for today. Instead, I treated a tiny little finger and spent the remainder of my day thankful.

I love this card Bethany made for her friend. The blue flap lifts to reveal a sweet personal message.

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3 Responses to “Thankful”

  1. AngelaW Says:

    Tina, that was a beautiful post. I’m so glad Esther is feeling better!

  2. Catherine Mikkola Says:

    How sweet that your older children were such a blessing to you, with helping out as you tended to Esther. I’m glad your day ended up much better than it started out!!

  3. Randy Jobe Says:

    Don’t beat yourself up.
    Words of wisdom from a man that beats himself up constantly.
    I put Emily on the kitchen table in her bouncy seat so she could watch Dad cook supper. She protested being on the floor, far from the action.
    I turned my back and that moment you hear of happened.
    20 miles at whatever-a-corvette will do got us to an emerency room, where she was fine abut they wanted to sedate the Dad.
    That was 13 years ago. She does very well.
    My Gramma dropped me on my head in ’58.
    Maybe she she should have done the repeat and rinse.
    Randy Jobe

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