Drama Camp, Cousins, and the Cupcake Angel!

What a week!

For the past several years, my children have participated in an outstanding

Anna got into the "hair dance!"

Christian performing arts camp called KidShine. It is a much anticipated week full of singing, dancing, and acting from 9-3 each day. Each year, I am absolutely blown away by the quality of the performance at the end of the week… solos! puppets! comedy! choreography! “This is a well done production,” remarked my father-in-law as he enjoyed watching all the campers, but especially his grandchildren, perform last week. “I mean, I’ve been to lots of kid shows and so many of them are just b-a-a-a-d!” Not KidShine!

Nathan and cousin Jeremy on the air guitars

Making our week of drama camp even more exciting, my sister and her children traveled up from Georgia and joined us. This meant fun for sure, but it also meant a whole week of packing 7 lunches each morning, a FULL 12-passenger van multiple times a day, sleeping bags everywhere, nearly impossible bed times, A LOT of energy, and 13 people at every meal. To minimize the chaos, my sis and I have the implementation of this week down to a science and the secret is simplicity. This is the one week my children get convenience foods in their lunch bags. We pull out the freezer meals. We do a few meals out. We do not make cupcakes for drama camp…

Anna on her birthday with some of her drama camp friends

…Except for that the last day of camp was Anna’s birthday. Her friends wondered if her mother would be doing anything. Then the dear parent coordinator volunteered to do it for me! She is truly a saint. She spent all her waking moments of the week with 50 drama campers, coordinated countless details, and offered to make my child birthday cupcakes because I’m busy. Ummm…. no!

So Thursday night, after teaching two classes, transporting Esther and my niece, Abby, to co-op classes (they are too young for camp), picking up the seven campers, driving children to dance, picking them up and making a decent dinner for my parents who were joining us (making our total occupancy 15!), and checking ahead for lunch fixings for Friday for my in-laws, brother-in-law and niece who’d be joining us, my sister and I cleaned up the kitchen and dreaded the task ahead… cupcakes for campers.

Just as I was kicking myself, thinking, “Why didn’t I just pick up already made cupcakes at Wal-Mart today?” my mother asked, “Byron, will you please go get the cupcakes out of the van?”

Yes! She said cupcakes! Having no idea of my after dinner plans, she bought the exact number of cupcakes I needed. “I just knew I needed to buy them!” was my mother’s explanation for the divine inspiration to purchase them. I’m serious!

I remember participating in a Beth Moore Bible study a few years ago and hearing her by video encourage women to look for “God moments” in their days. It’s so easy to be amazed by coincidences and forget that our Heavenly Father really cares about little details of our lives. I truly don’t believe my mother bringing me cupcakes was a coincidence! My mother has never brought cupcakes to my house (candy, cakes, and countless other treats, yes… but not cupcakes!). It blessed me. It was a message to me from God himself. “I love you… you can use these, right?” He answered a prayer that I didn’t even pray.

It’s been a busy week. But a visit from the cupcake angel certainly helped!

The cupcake angel and me

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