Anna is fifteen! I am so proud of the young lady she is becoming. She is beautiful… inside and out.

For Anna (written two years ago on her 13th birthday but truer than ever now!)

October 29th, 1995
After a long long long long wait for me
You arrived not a bit late…
But first thing in the morning on your due date!

After two missed nights of sleep
My eyelids would hardly lift
But upon my first glance of our baby girl
I was in awe of God’s precious gift!

That first year was precious-
Each day sweeter than the day before.
As you become aware of your surroundings
You became more and more adored.

Before you reached the age of two
You became big sissy to – guess who?

Then a few weeks before turning four,
Big sissy again –

TWINS! Yes, two more!

And around the age of seven…
Sarah arrived – another little piece of heaven!

Puzzles, baby dolls, coloring, lots of stories, helping me with everything, play-doh, patty cake, hide and seek, princesses, tea parties,

You and Daddy playing at the pool. You are five and already a dare devil!

pretending, playing outside, fresh air, picking flowers, dress up, sew toys, nap time everyday, baking cookies, bringing me diapers, peek-a-boo with babies, playing with siblings, dinner together, staying home most of the time, school work in the morning but learning always, church on Sunday mornings, Bible time with Dad, sewing doll clothes with me, making birthday cakes, looking forward to visits from grandparents, holidays, and in all these things thanking God for the gifts that they are. Living life together and learning to love Him more through it all. These are the things that defined those years when you were small (and much of it these years as well…)

Lots of work
But lots of joy

Sometimes, I’d hear from nay-sayers,
“Just wait”
It’s easy now, but it won’t stay that way!!!

Once you have a teenager
Things will change.
She’ll think you haven’t a clue!
It’s easy now-
Just wait… you won’t know what to do!

That time has come
Yes, you are 13!
And sometimes I wonder
“What did those “just waiters” mean?”

My 13 year old…
Loves God, her parents and her siblings. She adores our baby, Esther. She makes pizza for our family (and pancakes, cookies, cakes, and other yummy things). She is my right hand. She gives great hugs. She has a very funny sense of humor and makes us laugh. She loves people. She plays games with everyone. She is fun! She is a wonderful knitter and has a gift of teaching others that skill and a heart for blessing others with her work. She is a beautiful dancer and uses her talent to worship the Lord. She recognizes that all her gifts come from Him. She is kind. She blesses me daily. She is learning to think Biblicaly and often has insight during our Bible time that encourages me. She is also learning to give her days to the Lord and do what is right. She is on her way to becoming a godly woman. She is my daughter and I am so thankful for her.

Happy birthday, Anna
I love you!!!


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One Response to “Fifteen”

  1. Susan Says:

    Thanks so much for that applesauce tips – I made some yesterday (used just a bit of brown sugar) and it was yummy!
    What a beautiful tribute to your daughter! My oldest just turned 13, and I echo many of your thoughts. How can the years go by so fast? Anna looks like a lovely young lady in every way 🙂

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