Relevant is a conference for Christian bloggers. It’s sold out. It starts on a Thursday. It doesn’t make sense that I can attend and I may not (um… most likely) won’t be able to go.

I saw information about it a couple of weeks ago and dismissed it. It’s not practical. It cost money. It’s coming up in just two weeks and I am not, by nature, very spontaneous. This is normally a good thing. It’s hard for a homeschooling mom (or any mom for that matter!) to be gone a couple of days. I talked myself out of even discussing it with my husband.

After attempting to mentally dismiss the conference, I wrote about potty training. This post, which was written for about thirty women in my church, was read by a thousand. It seemed to resonate with many and I am thankful. I don’t desire to have a widely-read blog, but I do desire to minister and encourage women. This has happened a couple of times through my posts and I am amazed that the Lord brings people to read anything I write. Very humbling.  The Lord is encouraging me to continue and I don’t know why.

… And I keep thinking about Relevant, the conference for bloggers. And I pray about it, and I’m having a hard time dismissing it from my mind.

I want to go. Mentors of mine – Sally Clarkson and Ann Voskamp – will be there. I spent a whole year studying Educating The Wholehearted Child with a group of ladies in my home. This book encouraged me in my early years of teaching my children. Over the years, I’ve bought many copies to give to mothers with homeschooling in their hearts. Sally has ministered to me through her blog and her books more than any author I can recall. Ann Voskamp’s writings minister to me as well. I read Holy Experience as often as I can. Friends of mine, Crystal, whom I’ve never met and Sarah, my real life friend who goes to my church, will be there.

I read Sally’s blog post this morning and cried. Her post on loving Jesus in the busyness of life resonates deeply with me. I saw she’d be at Relevant and found myself praying that I could somehow attend. I mentioned this desire to Sarah who sent me to a contest. I entered at A Million Boxes and part of the entering process is to blog about the give-away.

We’ll see. Not winning means someone else needs to go more. I believe that. Yet if I win, I am going to thank the Lord for such a  gift and make every effort to be there!

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5 Responses to “Relevant”

  1. Cindy Says:

    I hope you win! I wish I could go to things like that. Too far, can’t travel alone, no money. Also, what the heck would a weenie little blogger like me do there? But I wanna go, too! Win, lady, Win!

  2. Sarah Pinnix Says:

    Tina, I SO wish you could go!! It would mean so much to share this experience with you, whom I have known and looked up to for so long!! I’m selfishly praying that you win, but you’re right! God’s will be done.

    PS. I have suspected for a long time that God would use you, your experiences, and your writing to minister to many hearts!!

  3. Sarah Pinnix Says:

    And Cindy: Don’t call yourself a weenie! You rock!

  4. Tina Says:

    You two are wonderful and so encouraging! Cindy, I agree with Sarah.. You rock! And I don’t think I’d be brave enough to even enter if Sarah weren’t going! Maybe if it doesn’t work out, you and I could plan to go together another time. We’ll have a fund raiser for the two of us!

  5. Tina Says:

    Well, I didn’t win this time. I truly meant what I said – The Lord has someone else in mind!

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