Christmas Card, Anyone?

Our Christmas card doorway... and Daniel hiding behind his computer in the background.

Have you noticed the traditional Christmas card is slowly becoming extinct?

Once upon a time Christmas cards were the thing to do in December. I looked forward to receiving updates from friends nearly every day in the weeks leading up to Christmas. Those cards were part of Christmas for me. Across my doorway, I’d hang them and marvel at how festive they appeared. Many years I needed more than one doorway to display them all. Not any more.

I blame e-mail. More and more letters began to come my way in digital form. I succumbed to the fast, easy and cheap e-mail cards over the laborious, expensive and old-fashioned snail mail method myself for a few years.

Now there is facebook. Who needs a yearly update when you can click on over to your “friend” of twenty years back and see that they “checked in” at Target twenty minutes ago and just uploaded the fourth album of the month updating all who care of their most recent family vacation?

There are a few Christmas cards over my doorway this year, but just a few. Most of them are from really close friends who know that I cut off the “card” part of the family Christmas card/photo and keep the picture part. My fridge is full of pictures of people I love. If you send me a picture of your family, it will not be thrown in the trash 🙂

This post sounds like I’m complaining, but actually I’m not. I’m really busy in December and I’ll admit that over the years, I’ve taken the “pressure” to get a decent picture of our massive family for all our friends off my to do list. I’m a stickler for adding to the scrapbook so I did write a letter… but one I could print and maybe one or two of my friends would stumble upon – not one printed on pretty paper and mailed to everyone in my address book. I did, however, order some photo cards.

You know you want one!

I came across a deal… 60 photo cards for $4.50 which included free shipping. I decided to take advantage of this and ordered our family beach photo my dear friend took when we vacationed together last fall. It’s the closest thing to a professional picture we’ve ever had made. After looking through my address book, I decided to order both under my e-mail and Daniel’s so I could have 120 pictures for $9.00. Now, that is a lot of pictures! I didn’t need more than about 80, but getting 120 was cheaper than getting what I needed so I decided, “This will be a Christmas card year for us!” I could give them to anyone who remotely cares and have a stack of these wonderful pictures to give to our grandchildren and great-grandchildren one day.

I made a mistake. One of the orders I did right. All information on the card website was correct. However, I pushed “send” before realizing that the other order had the wrong state name in my address. Oh no! I sent the company an e-mail and called customer service to no avail. After two days, the “correct” order arrived. Several days passed and the other order obviously was lost, and I gave up ever seeing it. Sixty cards really was enough and spending $9.00 for them wasn’t a bad deal. Future generations would just have to live without them.

Much to my surprise, yesterday the shipment arrived. The address was indeed incorrect, but the zip code must have trumped the wrong state! After bringing in my order from the mailbox, I checked my inbox and received an e-mail from the picture company. Customer service was quite apologetic about my inability to reach a “real” person. “We are going to refund you the entire cost of purchase as well as reprocess your order. However, it most likely won’t arrive before Christmas,” I read.

They were wrong. It’s Christmas Eve and at 7:30 this morning, Fed-Ex rang my doorbell. I now have 180 Christmas cards of our family all for $4.50. The problem is, I don’t have 180 friends who’d care to have a photo of us, no matter what my friend count on facebook says. I don’t think even future generations will know what to do with all these pictures. Five of my children and my husband are participating in our church’s Christmas Eve service tonight. I may just sign up to be the greeter and hand one to all who attend!

Christmas card, anyone? I’m serious. This year, I’m doing my best to be counter-cultural. I have cards and will send!

Merry Christmas!

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4 Responses to “Christmas Card, Anyone?”

  1. Amber S. Says:

    Well you know I want a picture of you guys for my fridge.

  2. Tina Says:

    Amber dear, Yours is either already in the mail or in my stack that I WAS going to hand out at MOPS. It is late, but it is coming! Love you much!

  3. Angela W Says:

    Tina, I hope this is one picture card we will be getting! We keep the pictures too. 🙂

  4. Tina Says:

    Angela, Yours was sent yesterday! You may even get it today. Love you all!

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