Precious Poems

This is one of those “for close family and friends” posts. I’m posting my birthday poems for those who’d like to read them because many loved ones were unable to hear them at my surprise party. These are precious to me and I appreciate the thought each of you poured into writing them. It was a joy to laugh and explain such fun family times to my friends Sunday night. For those of you who were able to come, thank you. I know the weather conditions were scary that night! Jobe family, I love our special poems/songs tradition for special birthdays. What a treasure these are!

From Grandall, my father-in-law:

This is for you , Tina Sue,
And it comes to you from Randall and Boo.
You swept away our son, number one,
Because of your enthusiasm for fun.
We know you left the home of a preacher
To become a real certified teacher.
We noticed that public school caused you to moan
And finally start a school of your own.
And over the years we’ve watched it grow
As you’ve carefully brought it in tow.
From one, to two, to four, to six
Of Mother Hen’s little chicks
And with all that you’ve become much bolder
As steadily you’ve grown somewhat older.
Yes, we’ve seen you become more mature
As you’ve assumed the role to be secure.
They say this is the year that life begins,
And you certainly have no reason for chagrin.
So all this experience by the time you’re forty
Has certainly become your forte.
Happy Birthday,

From Ma Boo, my mother-in-law:
Sung to “O Tannenbaum”
O Tina Sue, O Tina Sue
We are so thankful for you!
O Tina Sue, O Tina Sue
We are so thankful for you!
You came into our family
And brought us joy and ecstasy!
O Tina Sue, O Tina Sue
We are so thankful for you!
You came to us at Thanksgiving
Not knowing what you were facing
A third degree from younger Paul
A question asked with much gall
“What do you have in mind for him?”
Words thrown at you- such a whim
You said you had in mind to eat
This meal with him and others.
And then there was that fateful day
When the whole family would say
That you were right for him, our son,
Our eldest son, our Daniel
Now here we are in 2010
Some 19 years and counting
We are so thankful you have stayed
And now your birthday’s coming!!
O Tina Sue, O Tina Sue
We are so thankful for you!
(**everyone sing!**)
O Tina Sue, O Tina Sue
We are so thankful for you!!
Happy Birthday and Much Love,
Ma Boo

From Stephen, my brother-in-law:
Here Comes Tina Sue!
(to the tune of “Here Comes Santa Claus”)

Here comes Tina Sue!
My, the time – it flew!
She is forty today!
Can’t believe it’s nineteen years
Since that Thanksgiving day
Daniel brought her home
To meet the fam
To see what we would say.
We’re happy to state
Things have turned out great
Since we voted for Tina that day!
She had “Aussie Mega” big hair that
Smelled like Dimetapp,
Still their friendship grew!
They got married
And decided
To have a child or two!
Tina cooks and cleans
And teaches things
At home with girls and boy.
She drives them ‘round
All o’er the town
And considers it all a joy!
Tina’s forty now!
Please don’t have a cow!
She’s just not that old!
She grinds her wheat
And makes her feet
Run even in the cold!
We’ll never name
All the great things
She does for everyone dear.
Let’s celebrate
That she is great
At forty! It’s worth a CHEER!!

And from Daniel:

Dearest Tina, you’re 40 years old
Allow me to be somewhat bold
Many friends gathered here
Have all passed that year
And think you need *not* be consoled.
For half of your life now, I’ve loved you
And back in the year that we met
Just to hear a guitar
You wouldn’t go into “that bar”-
Underage!?! But I didn’t fret.
We had ice cream, instead- sat outside
After conversing quite long over dinner
Your future plans, love for the Lord
So much to say- never bored
I knew who I’d found was a winner.
Fast forward from then until now
Years of marital bliss- nigh 19
Life in Boone, lots of friends
Parenting- never ends
Our children are 6 true bless-ings!
So we gather to wish you the best
The joy you are, I can truly attest
So I’ll say it right now,
Go ahead, take a bow,
‘Cause of you, we are all richly blessed!

Daniel’s made me cry. I was only 20 when we met and 21 when we married. Could that really have been half my life ago? It was and I am incredibly blessed.
My birthday came after a very busy weekend. My children hardly had time to eat, much less write poems for me. However, Bethany found the time and her poem is precious beyond words.

Click to enlarge to read.

The thirties were wonderful and I thank God for the many blessings that decade brought my way. Yet,  I am thankful for this new season and I embrace it! I love my husband more than I did ten years ago. I have two more children than I did ten years ago. Most importantly, I love my Lord more than I did ten years ago. He is God over all my days and I trust Him for what lies ahead.

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