Multitude Monday

Awhile back, I posted about a gratitude list I planned to keep. I had trouble linking to Ann Voskamp’s site, so that list got put on hold. I love to write but I really stink when it comes to technical stuff! I have figured out how to be a part of her gratitude community and so I am excited about counting my blessings up to 1,000 – and maybe even beyond!

holy experience

This week’s list all pertain to my weekend away at the Resolve Conference.

On Monday, January 31st, 2011, I thank my Father for:

18. Role Models for my daughter. See my previous post, Dream On! So thankful! We truly had a God-orchestrated meeting with Kathryn McCormick. Thank you, Lord!

19. Chad Eastham who spoke about teen relationships at the Resolve conference. Good, good stuff!

Eating at Changs!

20. A memory-making weekend away with my two oldest daughters – a great conference, fun music, lots of laughs, a bet they won (Yes, they swam in an outdoor pool in 58 degree weather for 10 minutes all for Chick-fil-a milkshakes), a fun night at the Mall of Georgia, dinner at P.F. Changs, movies on my computer at night, hot chocolate and mochas…)

21. Volence, our new World Vision child we are sponsoring. We signed up with World Vision at the conference. We now have a precious 11 year old girl from Africa to pray and care for.

22. Safety as we traveled.

23. Bethany, who helped her daddy with running the house while I was gone. She would have rather attended the conference with me and her big sisters, but graciously accepted that she is not quite old enough. That child is precious!

24. The ability to video a snippet of the conference (I chose an especially loud snippet of Hawk Nelson playing live) to e-mail to the children at home. It thrilled them! Makes the miles that separated us seem not so far. Iphones are cool.

25. Esther who has finally mastered going to the potty and did not have a singe accident while I was gone! For those who’ve read this you know how much this means to me!

26. Dear friends who came to my house and took my four children to church. Daniel had to be there by 7 am Sunday because he was the worship leader. That was WAY to early for him to have the four younger children up and ready. Neighbors stopped by and picked up the gang at 9. They had to take two cars to do so. Thankful my gang could be at church in my absence.

27. This same sweet family fed my hubby and children lunch!

28. The joy of returning home.

29. Our friends we went to the conference with. These are fun, fun people. Love them and praise God for dear friends both for me and my girls!

30. Reconnecting with a friend I haven’t seen in 23 years! Yes, also at the Resolve conference. More to come on this one!

31. 6500 girls present at the conference! There was so much energy in that place and it thrilled my heart to be a part of it!

32. My husband’s willingness to let me make memories with my girls. He juggled much – 4 kiddos, being the worship leader, dishes, food, etc! I’m thankful for my man!

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  1. Joy Says:

    What an awesome list!! I love to read what others are so thankful for. We are truly blessed if we just take the time to look. Thanks for stopping by my place. I look forward to getting to know you!.

  2. Kim Says:

    Visiting from Hip Homeschool Hop!

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