Psych Cake

Is this not the coolest cake ever?

Christina designed this “Psych” Shawn Spencer cake for our brother, Joshua (aka Josh), who celebrated his 16th birthday this past weekend. My children do consider him a brother. They don’t remember ever meeting him because his mother and I became friends even before Anna was born. His mother is like my sister which might make Josh and his siblings more like cousins, but… whatever. The Ezzells are family, and designing a “Psych” cake for Josh was just too much fun!

Christina, Josh, and Madison (Josh's sister). Madison and Christina worked on the cake together.

To get how truly cute and appropriate this cake was for Josh, you might need a little background information. He, like Shawn Spencer, has cool hair. It’s become a bit of a trademark. Josh wrote a persuasive essay for a class I teach… a very convincing essay about the importance of sporting a cool do – one that I’m sure proved profitable for salons all over Boone. In this essay, Good Hair Matters, he states:

“As James Roday’s television character Shawn Spencer said, “You’ve now seen my hair, which means you’re doubly impressed.”

And also in this fine piece of writing, the connection between Shawn Spencer and Josh is made clear:

“Moving to the 21st century, people like Conan O’Brien, James Roday, and Joshua Ezzell all wear the title of ‘good hair’ proudly. This new hairstyle is of medium/short length, rough looking, and generally styled with some variation of hair gel.

No doubt, both Mr. Psych and Josh Ezzell are in the good hair camp! And I think Christina captured the striking resemblance between these two quite well with her cake art!

Happy Birthday, Joshua! You are loved! It is a joy to see God working in your life! You are a role model to many… May your 17th year be one of blessing, spiritual growth, and of course, good hair!

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2 Responses to “Psych Cake”

  1. Rachel Sivalia Says:

    I love you guys!!!

  2. Erriccson Sandra Says:

    Yes just yes, this not the coolest cake ever. Its design is really cool. 🙂 I love you guys (Christina, Josh, and Madison) also. Also want to say happy birthday to JOSHUA!!! 🙂

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