Tapestry of Grace Notebooks

5 ToG notebooks... ready for co-op~

Other than a few ballet posts, I’ve been pretty quiet this summer. That is not because we’ve not been living life 🙂 What a wonderful summer this has been! One of the most exciting “time consumers” of this season has been a new Tapestry of Grace co-op I’ve helped organize. Tapestry of Grace (ToG) is a Classical curriculum that I’ve used sporadically over the past few years. I love it! However, a good Classical curriculum must utilize Socratic discussion, and that is where I’ve failed. Our new co-op will change all that. I’m so excited. There are 13 families participating and I know it is going to be a fantastic year! All ages (preschool through high school) are included. The enrollment is closed for this year because the structure demands a planning weekend to organize. While the tuition is free, all participating parents must teach and assist the classes. Yet, it has all come together and I am so excited about our new academic learning adventure.

These pictures are primarily for those trying to get their notebooks organized for our co-op. I stayed up until 3 am last night putting 5 of these together (only because I was determined they’d be done before Daniel and I leave for a conference.) Some of the structure I adapted from Marcia Somerville’s training talks. Keep in mind this is not THE only way to do this, but if it helps – go for it!

Notebook is about 2" size. This is Anna's (rhetoric level)

Next I have weekly assignments. You could use any sheets you like. I took these from a planning book I purchased.

These are the assignment sheets opened up. Each double spread is one week. I include all subjects here - math, latin, science and ToG. My kids need a checklist.

Behind the assignment sheets, I have tabs numbered 1-9. I will only put 9 weeks of ToG in the notebooks at a time. Next unit, I'll cover these with #s 10-18.

The first sheet behind each numbered tab is the reading assignment sheet for the week. I'll highlight the books each child needs to read and then they can break the reading assignments down into pages/chapters per day on their weekly assignment sheets (in front of notebooks.)

Behind the reading assignment sheets, I have the SAP's (Student activity pages) for that particular week. Here, my children will find the overview of material, history/church history discussion questions, literature worksheets, geography and philosophy assignments. Behind the SAP's (AND NOT PICTURED) are the week's evaluations for each week.

Next I have subject dividers. For Anna's this includes, history/church history, literature, geography, SAT prep, writing and philosophy. She has separate notebooks for Science and Math.

Behind the Geography tab, I have all the maps for the unit. I put them behind sheet protectors so my children can label them daily with fine tipped dry-erase to test their knowledge.

So, I basically divided the SAP’s into the 9 weeks and printed all the geography and evaluations for the first unit. I put them behind the 1-9 tabs. In the past, I’ve found if don’t assemble all the papers the children need, I end up skipping them. It seems it should only take 5 minutes to make a copy… but those 5 minuts have been the end of our school day at times. The geography maps could go behind the #1-9 as well, but I separated them because I liked the way the sleeves looked in their own section. I did clearly label on each sleeve what week each map would be used. Also, the #1-9 is new for me this year. In the past, I’d file each sheet behind subjects. The problem I found was that my children misfiled them. I like the idea of all the sheets for each week being in one place.

I may put a zippered plastic sleeve in the front with pencils, erasers, a small ruler, dry erase marker, etc.

Hope this helps some of you ToG moms! Happy planning!

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  1. Kassi Job Says:

    Thanks Tina! This is very helpful. 🙂

  2. Cindy Says:

    Super-jealous that I’m not gonna be there! I hope you’ll be able to fit us in somewhere next year!

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