Harder Than I Thought

I have given up facebook and blog reading for Lent.

The Lord has been prompting me to do this for a while. In the mornings, sometimes after quiet time, sometimes not, I open my computer and check my e-mail. I quickly delete most new arrivals because it’s that superfluous “stuff” that I actually allow in my life: homeschool devotions; health encouragement; message board summaries… things I like, but can’t really invest the time to read every day. I respond to any urgent e-mails. With my homeschool co-op, I often have questions to answer. With six very active teens, e-mail is a critical means of staying on top of their lessons, both curricular and extra-curricular. 30 minutes pass. And then I check facebook. Another 30 minutes.

Then there is my iPhone… a portable computer. A little device that informs me anytime “news” arrives; texts, e-mails, facebook notifications. I could check it ten times an hour and find something new each time. I love my iPhone… but it is addictive.

The Lord has shown me that slowly I have become addicted to so much “in-coming” information. My desire for HIS incoming information is not what it should be. My husband challenged all the children to read through the Bible this year. That was a goal of mine in January and it’s not too late to do that, but I must make time for it.

As I was praying about the lack of time in my life and my desire to hunger after God’s Word, the Lord whispered, “Give up computer time… for me.” I decided for the next 40 days, the computer will remained unopened until I read His news and the iPhone will stay in my purse nearby, but not in my pocket throughout the day. I am completely giving up Facebook and blog reading.

Yesterday was the first day of Lent and I woke up eager and excited. As I made my way downstairs with the house quiet, I anticipated my time with the Lord. After telling Daniel my plans and leaving my computer upstairs, I began my quiet time routine… coffee, Bible, pen, journal… and disappointment.

Yes, I wanted to check on “news.” I didn’t think I’d care, but I did. And that little gnawing feeling didn’t leave all day. I continued to desire updates. As I watched the Presidential debate later that evening, I didn’t peruse Pinterest. I have no idea what any of my “friends” are up to. And I realize more than ever why the Lord asked me to put aside social media. As friends came to mind, I prayed for them. As the desire to sit and surf hit, I prayed. And I went to bed a little earlier, grabbing the first book on my “to read” pile… a pile that has gotten taller with each new blog or newsletter I’ve subscribed to over the years.

I’m not discontinuing my own blog. It’s a way I can journal and my few readers (mostly family) can keep up with us. I pray that the next 39 days fasting from facebook and blog reading will give me perspective and that my desire for God’s Word will increase. I’m saddened that even my first day proved harder than I thought. Yet I’m thankful that God loves me enough to ask me to put it aside.

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2 Responses to “Harder Than I Thought”

  1. Cindy Says:

    It’ll be good for ya. I fasted from news and blogs for Lent a few years ago, and when I got back to the internet, it never got the same grip on me that it had before. I guess now would be a good time for me to start gossiping about those Jobes on my blog, huh? 😉

    If you really want to dig into the Bible, I love doing the Bible in 90 Days schedule twice a year. I need to get started again soon!

  2. Tina Says:

    Cindy, I will have to look that up! Yes, I am excited about the next 39 days 🙂 Hee hee… gossip away girl!

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