Let’s Celebrate Year 1 Unit 2!

My son, as Gideon

Year 1 Unit 2… For these nine weeks of our Tapestry of Grace studies, we traveled around the globe studying ancient civilizations including the Indians of the Indus Valley, the Chinese of the Hwang Ho River, the Native Americans and the early South Americans, particularly the Mayans. We studied the rise of the ancient Greek civilizations and Greek mythology. We read Joshua and Judges and discussed the Israelites and their taking of the promised land. We studied the Philistine civilization and the Phoenicians and the rise of the Israelite monarchy. We covered a lot, and had much to celebrate when we reached the end of this unit.

The children planned the program for this gathering. After our Unit 1 celebration, they couldn’t wait to take the stage! Our dialectic class wrote and performed a play about Gideon.

the dialectic Gideon cast

I teach our upper grammars writing, and we spent a great deal of time working on reports in first person about the Greek gods and goddesses. For our end-of-unit party, this class dressed as their favorite character. Many students memorized their speeches. They were very proud of themselves as they should have been!

Greek gods and goddesses

Lower grammars shared some facts they learned.

The highlight of our celebration came from our rhetoric literature class. These six students met weekly, wrote dialogue from various scenes of the Iliad, filmed and produced an outstanding short video. This is a small excerpt. The complete production lasted about fifteen minutes and included many various scenes. From the writing of the scenes to the filming, our rhetorics did it all.

Iliad Shorts | Oenone’s and Paris’ Scene from Joshua Ezzell on Vimeo.

The entire audience loved the drama! And yes, the entire fifteen minutes of Iliad Shorts were just as dramatic as this one.

Our twelve Tapestry of Grace families involved in our co-op belong to a Yahoo group. We’ve found it to be the best way to communicate with one another. Our entire celebration was planned replying to “threads” of conversation – from paper-product volunteering to sequencing the official program. Our Unit 2 Celebration fell on the Monday before Christmas; yes, 6 days before Christmas Day! To say the least, each mom in our co-op had Christmas plates overflowing and “to-do” lists a mile long. However, due to circumstances out of our control, we either celebrated December 19th or we couldn’t celebrate at all. Our children simply worked too hard not to set aside time to reflect and share our unit 2 accomplishments. Yet, because of the timing of this event, we kept the food as simple as possible and ordered pizza.

Enjoying our pizza party

We could have done more. We didn’t display our art. An international meal would have been nice. However, we met to celebrate the mid-point of our Year 1 studies only six days before Christmas! The children experienced closure to their school work. And after the celebration, we moms quickly disposed of the pizza boxes, gathered Gideon, god and goddess and Iliad costuming, and checked “Tapestry party” off the list. We still had shopping to do!

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