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Monday, March 4th, 2013

Today our Tapestry of Grace co-op celebrated the end of Year 2 Unit 3 with a History Fair. By far, this was my favorite end-of-unit we’ve done. Our students worked incredibly hard for nine weeks on display boards of their choosing. From K/1 lower grammars to rhetoric students, the diligence of these students showed!

We began by setting up the boards.

P1200881 P1200882


Then the children stood by their boards while parents walked around and asked questions. Please click on each picture. While I couldn’t capture each board and participant, I captured many and they are all worth seeing in full size! (You have to click and then once the slightly larger image appears, click again.)

Next, our students participated in a scavenger hunt. They had to visit one another’s boards to answer questions. I was so proud of the youngest students for trying. Esther knew that William Penn was on her sister’s board, and she was determined to fill in that blank all by herself!

The scavenger hunt was fun for all and a great way to make sure students read their friends’ boards. Again, click on the thumbnail pictures. They are worth seeing in full view!

The crafts in front added so much the displays. Here are a few:

Check out some of our indians and colonial folks. Are they darling or what??

Our K/1’s demonstrated a waltz and one of our dialectics played a violin piece by Handel:

As I walked around and looked at the boards, I heard much excitement and chatter. Several times I was asked, “Are we going to get to do this again?!!”

YES! I think so.

We ended the day with Krispy Kreme doughnuts. I didn’t capture this with pictures, but I think they also are a definite “do-over!”