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Encouraging Moments Review

Thursday, February 24th, 2011

Last week was just a little busy….

Monday: Doctor’s appointment for my three year old. School plans. Messy house. Ballerinas in my basement for an afternoon class. Valentine dinner party.

Tuesday: MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) meeting. Ballet. Swim Team. Gym. Piano lessons.

Wednesday:Homeschooling speaking engagement. I knew when I agreed to a morning away it would be after a MOPS day.  While it went well, I felt overwhelmed with the mounting housework and guilty for speaking about something I should have been doing.

Thursday: Co-op day. Six lunches and band instruments to pack, ballet for girls and swim team for my son. Two classes to teach. 20 essays to grade by next week. Gone from 11:00 until 6:30. Dinner out. Bed at 9:00. Too tired to think!

Friday: A small reprieve.

Saturday:“Dinner for 8” at my house – a planned weekend by our church for couples to get acquainted.

Sunday: Church. My turn to host small group. I am overwhelmed by day’s end and without a clue how I’ll pull off a Monday so exhausted and unprepared.

In the middle of this crazy week, I was reminded that I committed to monthly review a product for Eternal Encouragement Magazine. This month’s feature, Encouraging Moments, is a weekly newsletter delivered via e-mail. Arriving the night before I was to share a “MOPS mentor” talk on marriage, the newsletter felt like a ball and chain. Exhausted and with my plate overflowing, I began formulating an “I’m- to- busy- to- do- this” note to the review coordinator. However, right before writing to decline, I thought I’d at least briefly check out the content.

I’m so glad I did! I not only received a few moments of encouragement for myself, but inspiration to write my mentor moment as well. With a focus on marriage, the newsletter could not have been more timely for our Valentine MOPS meeting! I was delighted to find a thirty day prayer guide for my husband – so much so that I printed a copy for all my young mommy friends. That became my message – praying for and “undergirding” our husbands – the exact topic of the Chick Flick which is, by the way, my favorite part of the newsletter. Lorrie Flemm, the owner of Eternal Encouragement (formerly TEACH Magazine), produces these short, about 5- minute long  videos,  in which she speaks on topics ranging from marriage to homemaking to parenting.

I’ll admit it. I delete most everything delivered to my inbox that doesn’t scream “urgent – read me!” I like books. I don’t like ads, links and twaddly time-wasters. Yet, I’ve enjoyed the two Eternal Moments e-zines that I’ve received. Free and full of helpful counsel, both were well worth the few minutes they took to read.

You can receive Encouraging Moments by visiting Look on the left sidebar where it says “subscribe to the E-zine,” sign up, and then anticipate a short and sweet dose of encouragement to be delivered every Thursday.

My week was beyond busy but I made it through and Eternal Moments helped. I used Lorrie’s rhyme (another chick flick) about teaching complete obedience. I cracked down on whining. I’ve prayed for my husband, and tried to take my thoughts captive. Eternal Moments addressed all these things and even inspired my own “mentor moment!” for my MOPS group. I’d say this little newsletter helped me survive my crazy calendar. As I thought about that fact, I just could not write that “I’m-too-busy” letter!

Hey, tomorrow is Thursday! I wonder what the next Encouraging Moment will bring! One thing is certain… “ball and chain” does not come to mind. Eternal Moments is more like a warm cup of tea – sweet, soothing and satisfying!

I am reviewing Encouraging Moments as an official member of The Gabby Moms blogging program for Eternal Encouragement magazine.  I did not receive compensation for this post and all opinions are solely my own.

True Treasures (book review)

Sunday, January 23rd, 2011

Back in November, I agreed to be a “Gabby Mom.” I can just hear the chuckles from those who know me well.  Most of you know I’ve been gabby well before November so I’ll explain.  🙂

The Gabby Moms are a group of homeschooling mothers who’ve agreed to review materials from Eternal Encouragement Magazine, which until just last month was called TEACH. Before last fall, I’d never heard of this publication. Lorrie Flemm, the owner of the magazine, “friended” me on facebook. Because I love receiving homeschooling encouragement in my news feed and we shared many homeschooling friends, I accepted. From there, I have enjoyed getting to “know” her through her positive, edifying posts that encourage me in my roles as a wife and mother. When I saw she wanted bloggers to be “gabby moms” to review her resources, I enthusiastically agreed. Monthly, I’ll receive a product, review it and then link my review to the Gabby Moms site.

Shortly after Christmas, I received the first TEACH publication to review entitled True Treasures  – 10 Years of TEACH Magazine. What a lovely little book! It arrived just a few days after Christmas and I felt like I’d received a late gift. This little book, which came wrapped in a glittery blue bow, was exactly what I needed after an extremely tiring Christmas season. As the new year became inevitable and I lacked the energy to even “undecorate” our Christmas-y home, I knew I needed inspiration. Let me tell you – I received just that! See if you aren’t inspired just from the following snippets contained withing this resource:

If we are faithful, we will reap the treasure in Heaven that we sow here on Earth.” (page 17)

Never let yourself get so busy or focused on what you didn’t get done that you don’t enjoy what you did get done.” (page 63)

Some days, being a godly mother is all we can accomplish, and it is a BIG accomplishment.” (p. 17)

Put your first and best energies into things that matter eternally.” (page 38)

If I am to be an instrument of God’s peace, I must have a quiet heart.” (page 12)

Remember you can’t do it all yourself!” (page 64)

As you plan, pray, prepare and then proceed, you will have the joy of finishing those things you’ve dreaded for years.” (page 20)

The truth is there are no little people or little jobs when you are fulfilling the work asked of you by the king!”

If you aim at a bull’s eye you might hit it, but if you aim at nothing you’ll hit it every time!” (page 65)

Our husband’s heartbeat must be our heartbeat.” (page 30)

No’s should be no’s!” (page 33)

As you can see, I received INSPIRATION to parent well, love my husband and children, keep our home running as smoothly as possible and work on academics and character building in our home school! I received words of wisdom to focus on the eternal and not the temporal, set goals, and limit the unnecessary. I was encouraged that little things matter and that some days all the little things I do add up to be BIG! I was also encouraged not to allow the busyness of homeschooling to take priority over my marriage, and I was reminded that I am incapable of being a godly wife, mother or homemaker on my own. No! I need the Lord!

True Treasures is indeed a treasure. It contains over 100 pages of short, inspiring articles. While I had not heard of Eternal Encouragement until recently, I immediately realized that I am familiar with many of its authors. I was delighted to see submissions by Marilyn Boyer who spoke several years ago at our state’s home school conference and MaryBeth Whalen, a somewhat local friend and author! I very much enjoyed the short, readable articles… just the right length to read before turning out the light at night (usually a double spread – about 5-10 minutes!)

My local friends, I am happy to pass my copy around! If you’d like your own, use the coupon code GabbyMom at check-out at for a $4 discount. At the same address, you can download a free PDF of TEACH magazine. If you like the freebie, you’ll love True Treasures!

I received this product for honest review from TEACH Magazine as part of The Gabby Moms blogging program. All opinions expressed are solely my own.