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A Sweeeeet Deal!

Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010

I’ve started couponing and I’m afraid I could become an obsessed, shopping-crazy woman. My children like this new version of me. The normal me doesn’t buy any junky  breakfast food items. We eat oatmeal, cream of wheat, multi-grain homemade pancakes and whole wheat muffins with local applesauce substituted for oil. I usually don’t even look down the cereal aisle because I think I once said, “You can’t pay me to buy that stuff.” While not a health food nut, I do care about nutrition and besides – I homeschool. That means I have to LIVE WITH my kids after I feed them breakfast!  So why did I buy all this non-food today? Simple. I got a little obsessed with the coupon thing. The cereal/pop tarts at Food Lion were 2/$5.00. I had coupons for $1.50 off 2 boxes. Food Lion has a special deal going in which they take an additional $10 off 10 Kellogg’s items. That brought my total down to .75 a box. The Mini-Wheats were actually .50/box because the coupons were for $1.00 off each one. The Pop-Tarts I bought because I was out of cereal coupons and I had to get the 10 items. The total for these 10 items was $12.00. Had I more cereal coupons, I could have gotten 10 boxes for $9.00. The cashier said, “Congratulations, Mrs. Jobe. I am very happy for you.” The bagger asked me if I realized that one box of Pop-Tarts was unfrosted. He was looking out for my kids which I appreciated and almost traded for brown sugar coated (they were out).  If you notice, the Fruit Loops box is already damaged at the top. That’s because Esther tore into it before my picture. When the rest of my children came home from babysitting at MOPS, you’d think I won some “cool mom of the year award!” Since the Fruit Loops are opened, we’ll splurge in the next few days on those. The rest of this stuff I am planning to save for my dad’s transplant surgery. That way the babysitters get to indulge in these treats and I won’t be at home to deal with Jobelettes bouncing off the walls!

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