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Esther Is 6!

Tuesday, November 12th, 2013

I can’t believe my #6 is 6!


Since the age of two, Esther has loved frogs. This was one of her favorite toddler toys.


 And these were her favorite pajamas.


 Her favorite place to get a treat is Sweet Frog (Frozen Yogurt.)

So, when Esther requested a frog cake for her birthday, the sisters and I were not surprised. We got on Pinterest and planned away. The cake … precious – and easy! (And one of the few things I prepared with the birthday girl’s help.)


I was blessed not only with help from Sarah and Bethany, but also several other sweet girls. One of my dear friends is out of the country and her children came early this morning. By 9 am, they had prepared lunch, decorated the house, hung the banner (painted by Sarah), organized games, and even baked several mini cakes! I am spoiled when it comes to birthday party helpers, no doubt!


Some of my favorite decorations are these adorable “apple frogs.” The girls got a little carried away making them.



Esther wanted to decorate cakes for her craft. The girls did a fantastic job. I could not believe that cake- decorating held the attention of these 5-7 year olds for an entire hour!

The finished cakes were as unique as the beautiful girls who made them.

Ava enjoyed helping me gather all the cakes in their decorated boxes.


We played “Kiss the Frog” which is like “Pin the Tail on the Donkey” except the “tails” are “lip prints” aimed at the frog’s mouth. I think the girls enjoyed an opportunity to wear Anna’s stage lipstick!

The children also threw flies into frog buckets.

Esther thoroughly enjoyed her day and is thankful for all who came to celebrate. I am thankful for Sarah, Bethany, Ashlyn, Kayla, Hannah and Emma for making her day so special. I am beyond grateful to God for giving us six years with Esther. She is a gift from him, and we are blessed!



Psych Cake

Tuesday, April 12th, 2011

Is this not the coolest cake ever?

Christina designed this “Psych” Shawn Spencer cake for our brother, Joshua (aka Josh), who celebrated his 16th birthday this past weekend. My children do consider him a brother. They don’t remember ever meeting him because his mother and I became friends even before Anna was born. His mother is like my sister which might make Josh and his siblings more like cousins, but… whatever. The Ezzells are family, and designing a “Psych” cake for Josh was just too much fun!

Christina, Josh, and Madison (Josh's sister). Madison and Christina worked on the cake together.

To get how truly cute and appropriate this cake was for Josh, you might need a little background information. He, like Shawn Spencer, has cool hair. It’s become a bit of a trademark. Josh wrote a persuasive essay for a class I teach… a very convincing essay about the importance of sporting a cool do – one that I’m sure proved profitable for salons all over Boone. In this essay, Good Hair Matters, he states:

“As James Roday’s television character Shawn Spencer said, “You’ve now seen my hair, which means you’re doubly impressed.”

And also in this fine piece of writing, the connection between Shawn Spencer and Josh is made clear:

“Moving to the 21st century, people like Conan O’Brien, James Roday, and Joshua Ezzell all wear the title of ‘good hair’ proudly. This new hairstyle is of medium/short length, rough looking, and generally styled with some variation of hair gel.

No doubt, both Mr. Psych and Josh Ezzell are in the good hair camp! And I think Christina captured the striking resemblance between these two quite well with her cake art!

Happy Birthday, Joshua! You are loved! It is a joy to see God working in your life! You are a role model to many… May your 17th year be one of blessing, spiritual growth, and of course, good hair!

Dance In The New Year

Thursday, January 6th, 2011

We usually have a low key New Year’s Eve, but this year we celebrated with friends, food and lots of fun. The dad’s Wii dance off was entertaining… to say the least.

Yes, there is some sort of comment around 1:13 saying, “This better not be on your blog tomorrow!” I am so sorry. I just couldn’t resist! And it’s not tomorrow… I waited a whole week.

We had eight adults, five teens, 4 tweens and 10 children under 10! They all (except for Esther) stayed up until midnight… even these two little ones!

Total cuteness!

Happy 2011 everyone. May this new year bring you lots of laughs 🙂

Precious Poems

Wednesday, December 8th, 2010

This is one of those “for close family and friends” posts. I’m posting my birthday poems for those who’d like to read them because many loved ones were unable to hear them at my surprise party. These are precious to me and I appreciate the thought each of you poured into writing them. It was a joy to laugh and explain such fun family times to my friends Sunday night. For those of you who were able to come, thank you. I know the weather conditions were scary that night! Jobe family, I love our special poems/songs tradition for special birthdays. What a treasure these are!

From Grandall, my father-in-law:

This is for you , Tina Sue,
And it comes to you from Randall and Boo.
You swept away our son, number one,
Because of your enthusiasm for fun.
We know you left the home of a preacher
To become a real certified teacher.
We noticed that public school caused you to moan
And finally start a school of your own.
And over the years we’ve watched it grow
As you’ve carefully brought it in tow.
From one, to two, to four, to six
Of Mother Hen’s little chicks
And with all that you’ve become much bolder
As steadily you’ve grown somewhat older.
Yes, we’ve seen you become more mature
As you’ve assumed the role to be secure.
They say this is the year that life begins,
And you certainly have no reason for chagrin.
So all this experience by the time you’re forty
Has certainly become your forte.
Happy Birthday,

From Ma Boo, my mother-in-law:
Sung to “O Tannenbaum”
O Tina Sue, O Tina Sue
We are so thankful for you!
O Tina Sue, O Tina Sue
We are so thankful for you!
You came into our family
And brought us joy and ecstasy!
O Tina Sue, O Tina Sue
We are so thankful for you!
You came to us at Thanksgiving
Not knowing what you were facing
A third degree from younger Paul
A question asked with much gall
“What do you have in mind for him?”
Words thrown at you- such a whim
You said you had in mind to eat
This meal with him and others.
And then there was that fateful day
When the whole family would say
That you were right for him, our son,
Our eldest son, our Daniel
Now here we are in 2010
Some 19 years and counting
We are so thankful you have stayed
And now your birthday’s coming!!
O Tina Sue, O Tina Sue
We are so thankful for you!
(**everyone sing!**)
O Tina Sue, O Tina Sue
We are so thankful for you!!
Happy Birthday and Much Love,
Ma Boo

From Stephen, my brother-in-law:
Here Comes Tina Sue!
(to the tune of “Here Comes Santa Claus”)

Here comes Tina Sue!
My, the time – it flew!
She is forty today!
Can’t believe it’s nineteen years
Since that Thanksgiving day
Daniel brought her home
To meet the fam
To see what we would say.
We’re happy to state
Things have turned out great
Since we voted for Tina that day!
She had “Aussie Mega” big hair that
Smelled like Dimetapp,
Still their friendship grew!
They got married
And decided
To have a child or two!
Tina cooks and cleans
And teaches things
At home with girls and boy.
She drives them ‘round
All o’er the town
And considers it all a joy!
Tina’s forty now!
Please don’t have a cow!
She’s just not that old!
She grinds her wheat
And makes her feet
Run even in the cold!
We’ll never name
All the great things
She does for everyone dear.
Let’s celebrate
That she is great
At forty! It’s worth a CHEER!!

And from Daniel:

Dearest Tina, you’re 40 years old
Allow me to be somewhat bold
Many friends gathered here
Have all passed that year
And think you need *not* be consoled.
For half of your life now, I’ve loved you
And back in the year that we met
Just to hear a guitar
You wouldn’t go into “that bar”-
Underage!?! But I didn’t fret.
We had ice cream, instead- sat outside
After conversing quite long over dinner
Your future plans, love for the Lord
So much to say- never bored
I knew who I’d found was a winner.
Fast forward from then until now
Years of marital bliss- nigh 19
Life in Boone, lots of friends
Parenting- never ends
Our children are 6 true bless-ings!
So we gather to wish you the best
The joy you are, I can truly attest
So I’ll say it right now,
Go ahead, take a bow,
‘Cause of you, we are all richly blessed!

Daniel’s made me cry. I was only 20 when we met and 21 when we married. Could that really have been half my life ago? It was and I am incredibly blessed.
My birthday came after a very busy weekend. My children hardly had time to eat, much less write poems for me. However, Bethany found the time and her poem is precious beyond words.

Click to enlarge to read.

The thirties were wonderful and I thank God for the many blessings that decade brought my way. Yet,  I am thankful for this new season and I embrace it! I love my husband more than I did ten years ago. I have two more children than I did ten years ago. Most importantly, I love my Lord more than I did ten years ago. He is God over all my days and I trust Him for what lies ahead.

My December Birthday

Monday, December 6th, 2010

It’s that time of the year…

The past two weeks we’ve celebrated Thanksgiving with Daniel’s family. We’ve tried to keep up with school work. We’ve had a band concert. All six children participated in a Christmas ballet, Immanuel, The Promise. We’ve decorated for Christmas. We’ve continued our music lessons. We’ve attended some very fun social events. We’ve enjoyed being a family. We’re reading a wonderful book at night called Jotham’s Journey – a precious advent story that leaves the children exclaiming, “PLEASE don’t stop reading! What happens next?!? I love reading good books together, especially at Christmas time!

Still to go… a piano recital, a choir concert, two Monday nights of gavel club, a family ball, our Christmas Eve service in which two of my daughters are dancing, and of course, Christmas Day!

I have not cleaned my house in two weeks. My desk is a mess. I need to go to the store. I’ve not done my yearly Christmas letter. I’ve not bought a single gift. I’ve not made a single Christmas cookie. I have, however, made a cake with Bethany for Jesus’s birthday party that our small group was suppose to have had tonight.

But we didn’t. No, instead, my husband pulled off a huge surprise party for my 40th birthday, which is coming up in just a few days. I was very blessed. Folks are busy in December and I certainly didn’t expect our annual Happy Birthday Jesus party to be a Happy Birthday, Tina party! Something about that just seems wrong but Daniel has assured me that Jesus is ok with it. My dear friend, Laura, insisted our small group party would be at her house and I was thrilled not to host after a full weekend of ballet! When I walked into her lovely home tonight, I first noticed a table full of beautiful food – not typical of our casual small group meetings. Before I could get my thoughts wrapped around the need for such a spread, many of my dearest friends in the world in unison exclaimed, “Happy Birthday!” Was I surprised? Yes, most definitely!

My in-laws and brother-in-law sent in poems and songs, a Jobe family tradition for special birthdays. My friends shared sweet memories and words that I will cherish as I enter this new decade. Thank you, sweet friends and family, for making my day special! I love you!

And Jesus, I have whined in the past about having a December birthday – the busiest month of the year; a month that is hard to find a day to celebrate me. Sounds pretty self-centered when I put it that way. Yet, having a December birthday is an honor. Christmas music plays. Storybooks lie on my table about your miraculous birth. Angels adorn my tree. Red and green are all around – reminders of the greatest gift ever given and everlasting life. And it is during this time, that I turn a year older. Thank you for my December birthday. And thank you, this year, for sharing your cake with me!


Esther’s Special Day

Sunday, November 14th, 2010

Esther turned three on November 12th. She LOVED her cake!

She also loved her birthday banner!

On Esther’s special day, all the big sisters had a five hour ballet practice to run through Emmanuel, The Promise. Even Esther attended the practice for about 45 minutes, during which all fifty or so dancers sang “Happy Birthday” to her. While big sisters continued to dance, I took Esther and two of her very special friends to Chick-fil-A and the park! This was huge fun for Esther. When you are child number six and have big siblings who’ve outgrown the park, extended swing time is hard to come by. The weather was so beautiful… a rarity for mid-November.

After picking up the dancing sisters, we continued the party at our house with cake, presents and more outside play.

Big siblings had a frog dissection lab in the late afternoon so the party was limited to about an hour at the house. So, between a huge ballet rehearsal and a science lab, we squeezed in a very sweet party for our little princess!

Happy birthday dear sweet Esther! You are a blessing!

Esther’s Pooh Cake (From a Coloring Page!)

Thursday, November 11th, 2010

Esther turns three tomorrow and she requested a Pooh and Tigger cake for her birthday. She is going to go bonkers when she awakens and sees this…

I’m giddy right now over this cake’s cuteness! I’m even giddier that I didn’t decorate it! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE having teens that enjoy making birthday cakes! Christina is the artist behind this creation. She used a technique for imprinting characters on cakes using a coloring page. A dear friend of mine taught me this technique (thank you, Brandy!) many years ago, probably when Christina was a tiny cake recipient herself.

First, Christina selected her pan. She decided on a 14″ round pan, a newer piece in our cake-making collection. This is a LARGE pan, but we nearly always make big cakes because we frequently send some home with party participants and we are a rather large family! This pan holds two cake mixes. I used to make two layers every time I made a round cake. I don’t anymore. Splitting layers is a pain. While I love the way a layer of icing tastes between cake layers, that is a step that can be skipped for three- year olds who only care about Pooh and Tigger on top! A nice feature about this pan is it has very tall sides. This makes for a pretty cake with clean, straight edges… perfect for piping!

After selecting the pan, Christina googled “Pooh and Tigger coloring page” and found this. Perfect! Very, very Esther…

Next, she placed a piece of waxed paper over the coloring page and traced Pooh and Tigger with chocolate icing dyed black (a gel icing would work great as well). She only traced the outside of the image because it’s best to do most outlining after you’ve colored the characters. Thus, Tigger’s stripes, Pooh’s eyeballs, lines in the clothing, etc. were left blank.

I am not a good photographer. I did not get a picture of the next step. However, I am sure you can figure it out 🙂 After tracing the characters, Christina turned the waxed paper upside down onto the iced cake. By lightly pressing on the outlined images, she transferred the characters. Notice the image is reversed but that is completely ok for cakes!  Every bit of black icing may not transfer. That is also ok also because it’s simple to fill in later. Once the image was on the cake, Christina had a blast coloring!  She used #7 tips, which are medium and round, on all the colors (a fairly easy coloring job!)

After filling in the colors, she went back and outlined more heavily with the black icing. Then some sprinkles, which we found in the clearanced Halloween section of Wal-Mart, were added for preschool pleasure. Lastly, she piped “Happy Birthday, Esther!” and added a shell border.

This is not a cake that Christina whipped out in an hour. It took most of the evening for her to  find the design, mix the colors, and decorate the cake. Thus, grocery store cakes have their place – most definitely! Such time is not always available – especially for moms! However, this cake is a precious gift. I was blessed to see the joy Christina received as she worked. Each step of the process, she kept her little sister in mind. “She’s going to LOVE this, Mom! It’s perfect! OH… I can’t wait until tomorrow!” were some of her expressions of anticipation, and I agree. I can’t wait either!

Esther IS going to love it! (More to come… 🙂 )

Preparing For The Promise

Saturday, November 6th, 2010

Today I hosted a work day for SHINE (Sharing Him IN Excellence), my girls’ dance group, to sew  costumes for their Christmas dance. All the girls are looking forward to Immanuel – The Promise,  a full length ballet in which the Nativity story will be beautifully expressed. Because this is the first year SHINE has performed in December, costumes are greatly needed. Thus, today we cut out twelve pairs of pants, several tunics, some angel overlays, sewed seven of the pants, made flags AND…. made a costume for my little Esther. She is so proud and so, so precious! I’ll admit it… I am proud too and so excited about the cuteness of the pre-ballets’ costumes. Can you imagine anything sweeter than sixteen adorable lambs dancing to Away in a Manger? My other girls did not begin dancing until they were much older (between 7 and 9) so I am loving every minute of dressing up my almost-three ballerina!

If you are a local friend, please put the evening of December 4th (time isn’t firm yet) on your calendar. The Promise will feature dancers of all ages, beautiful music, baby Jesus, Mary and Joseph, shepherds, angels, and of course, lovely little lambs!!! It will be held at the Harvest House (Living Water Christian Fellowship). It is sure to be an enjoyable outing for the entire family as well as one that certainly will remind all that Jesus is the reason for the season!


Thursday, October 28th, 2010

Anna is fifteen! I am so proud of the young lady she is becoming. She is beautiful… inside and out.

For Anna (written two years ago on her 13th birthday but truer than ever now!)

October 29th, 1995
After a long long long long wait for me
You arrived not a bit late…
But first thing in the morning on your due date!

After two missed nights of sleep
My eyelids would hardly lift
But upon my first glance of our baby girl
I was in awe of God’s precious gift!

That first year was precious-
Each day sweeter than the day before.
As you become aware of your surroundings
You became more and more adored.

Before you reached the age of two
You became big sissy to – guess who?

Then a few weeks before turning four,
Big sissy again –

TWINS! Yes, two more!

And around the age of seven…
Sarah arrived – another little piece of heaven!

Puzzles, baby dolls, coloring, lots of stories, helping me with everything, play-doh, patty cake, hide and seek, princesses, tea parties,

You and Daddy playing at the pool. You are five and already a dare devil!

pretending, playing outside, fresh air, picking flowers, dress up, sew toys, nap time everyday, baking cookies, bringing me diapers, peek-a-boo with babies, playing with siblings, dinner together, staying home most of the time, school work in the morning but learning always, church on Sunday mornings, Bible time with Dad, sewing doll clothes with me, making birthday cakes, looking forward to visits from grandparents, holidays, and in all these things thanking God for the gifts that they are. Living life together and learning to love Him more through it all. These are the things that defined those years when you were small (and much of it these years as well…)

Lots of work
But lots of joy

Sometimes, I’d hear from nay-sayers,
“Just wait”
It’s easy now, but it won’t stay that way!!!

Once you have a teenager
Things will change.
She’ll think you haven’t a clue!
It’s easy now-
Just wait… you won’t know what to do!

That time has come
Yes, you are 13!
And sometimes I wonder
“What did those “just waiters” mean?”

My 13 year old…
Loves God, her parents and her siblings. She adores our baby, Esther. She makes pizza for our family (and pancakes, cookies, cakes, and other yummy things). She is my right hand. She gives great hugs. She has a very funny sense of humor and makes us laugh. She loves people. She plays games with everyone. She is fun! She is a wonderful knitter and has a gift of teaching others that skill and a heart for blessing others with her work. She is a beautiful dancer and uses her talent to worship the Lord. She recognizes that all her gifts come from Him. She is kind. She blesses me daily. She is learning to think Biblicaly and often has insight during our Bible time that encourages me. She is also learning to give her days to the Lord and do what is right. She is on her way to becoming a godly woman. She is my daughter and I am so thankful for her.

Happy birthday, Anna
I love you!!!



Saturday, September 25th, 2010

I’m ending my day thankful.

It started terribly stressful.

Esther burned her hand on my cook top while I held her. It happened so fast. Crying for the next three hours, she found relief only with cool running water. Water in a cup or a baggie of ice gave no relief. Thus, I held her over the bathroom sink and prayed for the pain to stop. Her tears flowed like the water running from the faucet and once or twice mine did too. It hurt to see my little one suffer and I felt awful that I didn’t prevent the accident from happening in the first place. I put my huge to-do list aside and comforted my child to the best of my ability.

My friend and neighbor, who happens to be a nurse,  stopped by and recommended medication. Daniel called and  spoke with our pediatrician who called in some pain relief. Though it took a while to receive, it worked its magic within five minutes of application. My prayers were answered.

While I tended to Esther, my older children cleaned up the kitchen, folded laundry and picked up their rooms. I had no idea what they were doing while I stood for hours in the bathroom soothing her burn. I felt love when I realized my older children had been working behind the scenes. They chose to bless me.

When Esther’s tears stopped, I didn’t want to stop holding her so we cuddled and watched Tinkerbell and I cherished her smiles. After her morning of tears, they seemed all the sweeter.We were invited to a baptismal celebration of a dear friend this afternoon. I had no time to cut and prepare vegetables like I’d planned so I decided to stop on the way to the lake and buy a side dish at the store. And then I remembered the homemade canned applesauce in the basement. Delicious. Done! Trip to store avoided.

A child, my daughter’s dear friend, professed her faith in Christ. Her daddy baptized her. We, her friends and family, shared scripture, prayed and rejoiced. Later, as we celebrated with one another over dinner,  I watched little Esther, with her thumb bandaged, play with other little girls as if she had not a care in the world.

My oldest daughter befriended a sweet girl and helped her get to know the other teens. That made me smile.

Esther is darling and her finger is healing. My children attempted my chore list while I tended to her. Medication is a gift from the Lord as is the doctor who called in a prescription without requiring an office visit which only would have delayed relief for my child. I thank the Lord for sending my friend over to encourage me to call the doctor. I’m thankful for applesauce, the perfect ready-to-go side dish. My friend’s daughter was baptized tonight!  What a celebration! What joy to spend time with other dear families! I’m thankful that my teens have such good friends and that they are maturing and learning to exercise their spiritual gifts.

I didn’t grade papers, vacuum or mop, go to the store or plan next week’s lessons. Those were my plans for today. Instead, I treated a tiny little finger and spent the remainder of my day thankful.

I love this card Bethany made for her friend. The blue flap lifts to reveal a sweet personal message.