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Esther Is 6!

Tuesday, November 12th, 2013

I can’t believe my #6 is 6!


Since the age of two, Esther has loved frogs. This was one of her favorite toddler toys.


 And these were her favorite pajamas.


 Her favorite place to get a treat is Sweet Frog (Frozen Yogurt.)

So, when Esther requested a frog cake for her birthday, the sisters and I were not surprised. We got on Pinterest and planned away. The cake … precious – and easy! (And one of the few things I prepared with the birthday girl’s help.)


I was blessed not only with help from Sarah and Bethany, but also several other sweet girls. One of my dear friends is out of the country and her children came early this morning. By 9 am, they had prepared lunch, decorated the house, hung the banner (painted by Sarah), organized games, and even baked several mini cakes! I am spoiled when it comes to birthday party helpers, no doubt!


Some of my favorite decorations are these adorable “apple frogs.” The girls got a little carried away making them.



Esther wanted to decorate cakes for her craft. The girls did a fantastic job. I could not believe that cake- decorating held the attention of these 5-7 year olds for an entire hour!

The finished cakes were as unique as the beautiful girls who made them.

Ava enjoyed helping me gather all the cakes in their decorated boxes.


We played “Kiss the Frog” which is like “Pin the Tail on the Donkey” except the “tails” are “lip prints” aimed at the frog’s mouth. I think the girls enjoyed an opportunity to wear Anna’s stage lipstick!

The children also threw flies into frog buckets.

Esther thoroughly enjoyed her day and is thankful for all who came to celebrate. I am thankful for Sarah, Bethany, Ashlyn, Kayla, Hannah and Emma for making her day so special. I am beyond grateful to God for giving us six years with Esther. She is a gift from him, and we are blessed!



Year 2 Unit 2 Celebration

Friday, December 21st, 2012

Our co-op had a Reformation focus for our Year 2 Unit 2 celebration. The 4th-8th graders replicated the door of St. Mary’s Cathedral where Martin Luther nailed his 95 Theses. It was interesting to copy them on sentence strips and see exactly what the theses were, and it was impressive to tape all 95 on our big paper, red door!

95 Theses

95 Theses

All but the rhetorics in front of the 95 theses.

After working on our door, we met for presentations. The 6th grade class presented a skit that introduced everyone to Martin Luther.  4th-5th graders recited Psalm 46, the inspiration behind A Mighty Fortress Is Our God  which is known as “The Battle Hymn of the Reformation.”

Psalm 46

Psalm 46

And then Daniel led us in singing  “A Mighty Fortress Is Our God. “

Several of the children said they’d never heard this famous hymn! It was a joy to sing it and so meaningful for them to see the connection of Psalm 46 to this great song.

Another special highlight of our presentations came from the 7th/8th graders who worked hard for several weeks on a literature quilt. Each square of their quilt represented a key date, figure, literary term or character from their Unit 2 literature studies. This was certainly an impressive project!

Other presentations included a Reformation Rap, reports and a K/1 science question and answer time.

After our presentations, we gathered for lunch. While our meal was a not “Reformation themed,” our dessert was. After our subs, the children enjoyed their “Diet of Worms.”

We hope our students don’t quickly forget that at the “Diet of Worms” Luther defended his 95 theses!

After we ate, we enjoyed looking at some projects completed this unit including our Coats of Arms, a Castle, a display board of South America and many lap books.

It’s hard to believe we are already half-way done with Year 2! We’ve learned so much and have had a great time doing so. While we’re all looking forward to our Christmas break, we look forward to Unit 3.

Poetry in Motion

Thursday, March 8th, 2012

Posting this one because I’m so proud Joshua, the producer…

This was taken by one of my dearest friend’s son. My girls enjoyed an afternoon at their house last weekend. This video captures a few moments of life and makes it beautiful… something we should have eyes to see always. Our days and moments are gifts. As another friend of mine posted, this is “poetry in motion.”

Let Me Count the Ways

Monday, September 19th, 2011

Today is September 19th and today Daniel and I have been married 19 years. My children call their birthday like this their “Golden Birthday.” (This year Sarah turned 9 on August 9th. Most of the children (all but Esther) won’t have goldens until they are in their second decade.) While Daniel and I aren’t even half-way to our what is typically thought of as a golden anniversary (50 years), this anniversary – 19 on the 19th has a special-ness to it for me. I’m calling it our pre-golden anniversary. In honor of 19 on the 19th, here are 19 things I love about my wonderful husband.

1. He loves God. Plain and simple. He models spiritual disciplines for me. He reads the Word. He reads the Word to our children. (Yes, I’m cheating. These are really 4 already but I have a lot to list 🙂

2. He fills our home with music. For those of  you who’ve heard my husband sing, you know what I’m talking about. Evenings when he pulls out his guitar and practices Sunday morning worship songs are like a bit of Heaven on Earth. I’m blessed and thankful God saw to it that our children inherit their Daddy’s musical genes

3. He loves me. On our wedding day he was captured on video saying, “I think I love you now, but I know I really don’t even know how. I look forward to spending the rest of my life learning how to better love you.” For 19 years, he has done just that – even when I’ve been pretty unlovable!

4. He loves people. The man I married in not critical. He sees good in everyone. People sense this. So often folks will tell me, “Your husband is so sweet and gentle. ” That is because they genuinely feel liked by him (and they are.)

5. He works on his weaknesses. Everyone has them. The man I married is 19 years sweeter and gentler than he was when I married him. (And he wasn’t bad then.)

6. He loves our children. Yesterday our pastor said that many men (maybe the average man?) spends an average of 60 seconds a week communicating with his children. Unfathomable.

7. He is efficient and organized. Daniel makes me look good in this way. My true friends know I’m disorganized by nature – yet thanks to him, I have color-coded (by family member) calendars on my iPhone and an integrated shopping list (he can add it/ I’ll get the memo while shopping). Everything techi works beautifully in this household. If up to me, we’d be the only family on the planet without a home computer.

8. He makes my coffee every morning and flavors it just right.

9. He says thank you a lot and asks the children to do the same.

10. He sees when I need a break even when I don’t see it myself. While I always feel some child should run errands with me (suffer from the “I don’t give individual time enough” syndrome), he’ll often insist I go alone. Same for women’s retreats, friend time, etc. Never has he encouraged me to stay home when he feels a time away would benefit me.

11. He is a good disciplinarian – very balanced and fair, yet he has high expectations. The children do not argue with him. I’m not as consistent and prone to changing my mind. I’m the one who’s read every parenting book written. Not Daniel. He doesn’t need to.

12. He tells me I’m pretty, often when I need to hear it most.

13. He loves his parents and mine and all our extended family. He’d do anything for them. He is extremely loyal.

14. He smiles at young children and babies.

15. He reads to the children. Most importantly, he reads the Bible and devotions to them. However, we’ve enjoyed the entire Narnia series as a family as well as countless missionary stories and historical fiction.

16. He enjoys giving. Very often, he’ll ask, “How much should we send to (a missionary, ministry, friend, need, etc)?” Almost always, his desire is to give more than I. I am challenged by that and so thankful to be married to  such a cheerful giver.

17. He is punny. I mean funny. Few folks enjoy a play on words more than Daniel. The children think his ability to make puns off the top of his head is brilliant 🙂

18. He loves traditions.

19. On every anniversary he tells me, “I’d marry you again, but I’m glad I don’t have to.”

This post took me exactly 18 minutes to write. Sorry it’s unedited. It’s a crazy Monday – a day I leave the house at 8 and won’t be home until 9:30!

Happy pre-golden anniversary to us!


Sunday, February 14th, 2010

Jobe children fall '09

Welcome to the Jobe Journal. This blog is designed for all our loved ones who we wish we could see more often. It’s not a substitute for real life hugs and conversation but when it’s not possible to be there in real life, a journal does help! I (Tina) will do most of the posting here, but all the children will occasionally write as well. Stop by often. We love to hear from you.