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Locks of Love

Thursday, July 29th, 2010

Sarah and her long hair. It took her three years to grow it this long after her previous bob.

Sarah has had quite a week! She had a tonsillectomy on Tuesday morning making the tonsil-less Jobe count 5. Yes, her mother and her three older sisters have had the procedure too. After spending two days resting and watching movies, she requested a hair appointment. While she wanted to cut her hair short, I preferred she trim it and keep it long. However, I changed my mind when her stylist informed me that she had enough hair to donate to Locks of Love. This is a wonderful program that provides opportunity for people to donate at least 10″ of hair to make wigs for cancer patients. Sarah eagerly desired to donate her hair, so I agreed to let her have a short hair style. As her stylist cut, I was so thrilled with her new look! The bob looks so sweet on her. I am more than proud of my girl who, with a sore throat, went to have her hair trimmed and ended up giving it away to help someone else.

Smiling - even though her throat still hurt.

Sarah holding her "locks of love."