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Dancing Sisters

Wednesday, June 9th, 2010

My girls love to dance and I love to watch them dance. They enjoy tap and clogging, but ballet is their favorite. It is so beautiful and graceful. For my girls, it also is a shared experience. They do¬† hair and make-up for one another and “ooh and aah” over the beautiful costumes. They practice together and encourage one another. I know that when they are grown and their tutus are put away, they will always remember the joy of dancing together. This year was the first year that all four of my big girls (Esther isn’t quite old enough!) participated in their dance studio’s spring recital, The Enchanted Garden. It was beautiful! They were lovely and I was so proud! I had a daughter in nearly every group which made each scene a moment my mommy heart just soared! Christina, because she had leg surgery in December, was unable to dance most of the year. However, she was invited to participate in the recital with an acting role. This was truly a blessing. What a joy to see my daughter on stage – so graceful – when a year ago I feared she may not ever walk without a limp. God is so good! I am so thankful she was given this opportunity. She was even able to partner just a little and she played the role of a peasant who turned into a princess… every girl’s dream! This year was little Sarah’s first official year taking dance lessons. (Though her sisters have taught her for years!) We made the others wait until they were eight to begin, but when Sarah turned seven, she insisted that she just couldn’t wait any longer! My girls love the spring recital – a time when our family comes to see them all dance. They are radiant and I am one proud ballet mom!