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Frozen Yogurt Treats – Yummy, Healthy and Cheap!

Wednesday, June 9th, 2010


I learned the first week of my marriage nearly 18 years ago that it is ok to be out of milk or bread. However, a freezer void of ice cream “crosses the line.” I have dutifully kept some kind of ice cream available ever since.

So… how does my husband stay so thin? The answer to that is in his portion size. He can literally eat one bite of ice cream and be satisfied. I, on the other hand, can seldom eat one bite of anything. I must either avoid the ice cream altogether or indulge in, most likely, more than the recommended half cup serving size. My children take after me. They love ice cream… and a good portion of it!

Lately, I have been trying some ice cream alternatives. None of us needs the sugar or the fat. While the children don’t have ice cream every day, they have it more often than they need it. Today, I threw together a yogurt treat and the children loved it. Even Daniel admitted that it makes a great ice cream substitute.

Frozen Yogurt Bars:

2 c.  plain yogurt (I used Dannon and used slightly less than this  Рjust what I had left in the container.)

2 cups slightly sweetened strawberries (I put these up myself. There is probably about 1 T sugar on the berries)

1 ripe banana

Honey to taste (I didn’t add any).

Put in blender and blend until smooth (about a minute.) Pour into molds. Freeze. This made 12 popsicles.

I am sure any type of yogurt and any type of fruit can be used. I may try vanilla yogurt with mandarin oranges next which was a suggestion my children made. I liked the plain because it has no sugar added. These pops were tangy and delicious and as my family said, “a definite do-over.” Because I picked my berries for $5/gallon and got the yogurt on

Sarah models our popsicle mold.

sale, they were very inexpensive. I’m thrilled that I can enjoy one without limiting myself to “just a bite.” I’m sure we’ll still eat ice cream, but hopefully not as frequently as we have been and who knows… Even Daniel may kick a life long habit!

These popsicles were made in a mold I bought from Marmee’s Kitchen. I have owned many and think this one is the best. You simply pour the yogurt into the molds, cover, and insert sticks. The popsicles look store bought… and taste better and cost much less! Enjoy!

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